2022 American Football Association Hall of Fame selections announced

AFA Hall of Fame

This is our 40th annual Minor League Football Hall of Fame Induction Dinner and our 9th year at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This event has gained significant momentum since the last pre-covid event of 2019 and promises to be another hit

This year’s group of AFA Hall of Fame members will be enshrined as the “Class of 2022” at the 40th Annual AFA Minor League Football Hall of Fame Induction Dinner at Pro Football Hall of Fame, 2121 George Halas Drive NW, Canton, Ohio 44708. The induction dinner will be part of a 2-day event for the AFA National Association, which will run from Thursday, June 23 through Friday June 24. This is our ninth year at this venue and this year’s event has a lot of momentum since our last pre-covid event of 2019.

Scheduled events:

  • Sports & Celebrity Memorabilia Auction
  • Annual AFA HoF Legends – meet the new inductees “Huddle Alumni Cocktail – 6pm Thursday June 23
  • Visits to the Pro Football Hall of Fame at your leisure
  • 40th Annual AFA Minor League Football Hall of Fame Induction Dinner – 7 p.m. dinner (cocktails 6 p.m.) on Friday, June 24.

The American Football Association is proud to present the names of those who will be inducted into the AFA Minor League Football Hall of Fame as the “Class of 2022” (names in parentheses indicate sponsors of new inductees ):

Coaching Class: Charlie Kidrick – Shepherdstown, WV (Don Shipley)

Officials Category:

Wayne Mackie – Freeport, New York (Craig Smith)

Player category:

Gary Weinlein – Albany, NY (Dave Fleck, Mike Robochik)

William Reid – Hagerstown, MD (Steve Oldt, Dave Bonsell)

Mark Loftus – Watertown, New York (Jerry Levine)

Frank Holes – Norway, MI (Terrance Rollins)

Patrick Britton – Carthage, New York (Mike Britton)

Daniel Eck – Alexandria, Virginia (Chris Lawson)

William “Bunny” Jefferson – Manchester, ME (Larry DeVoe)

Garry Scutt – Binghamton, New York (Alvin Lollie, John Yanuzzi)

James Worthy – Toledo, Ohio (Robert Hunt)

Erik Barnes – Detroit, Michigan (Byron Culver)

Richard Johnson – Saugus, MA (Robert Beckwith)

Roy Granger III – Redford, MI (Norris Jackson)


Dennis B. Howleit – Chicago, IL (Joel Pruneda)

Jim Harmon – Concorde. NH (Dave Burch)

The consecration of this year’s class of 16 new Hall of Famers will see the association’s total number of inductees over 40 years increase from 799 members to 815 members. Since the inaugural consecration in 1981 (including the class of 2022), the AFA has recognized 499 players; 112 coaches; 91 frames; 35 civil servants; 25 pioneers; 23 media/historians; 13 trainers/equipment men; 6 associated with youth football; 6 involved in international semi-pro; 4 from female level; and even 1 super fan.

Tickets are $125 each for the 2022 AFA Minor League Football Hall of Fame Induction Event. The deadline for ticket orders is June 7. Invitation/Registration to the 40th Annual AFA Semi-Pro/Minor Football Hall of Fame Induction Event (Click for Dinner Tickets)

As part of our fundraising event, we are soliciting sponsors/donors. Sponsors and donors will be recognized during our Hall of Fame live webcast, will be listed in our souvenir program, and will be featured on our event banner. Simply click on the following: AMERICAN FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION 40TH ANNUAL HALL OF FAME SPONSOR FORM

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