3 QBs to watch for in an emergency

Free Agent QB Cam Newton (Photo by Mark Brown / Getty Images)

We’re only two weeks into the new campaign and the Washington football team are already in their second starting quarterback.

Of course, Ryan Fitzpatrick should be suspended until week 9 at the earliest after an MRI revealed he was in pain hip subluxation. The 38-year-old will not undergo surgery and for the foreseeable future will spend in the injured reserve.

Luckily for Washington, they have one of the most electric backup quarterbacks in the league in Taylor Heinicke, who performed extremely well in his first career regular-season start against the Giants on Thursday night.

While the football team has expressed the greatest belief in Heinicke, it should be noted that he has a long history of injuries. Plus, despite impressing with limited opportunities, there’s a chance he just isn’t a starting caliber QB.

We’ll have a better picture of the situation over the next couple of months, but Washington should undoubtedly watch for potential emergency options in case Heinicke falls or struggles to relieve Fitzpatrick.

With that in mind, let’s highlight three quarters that the football team should consider adding in an emergency.

Full Disclosure: Marcus Mariota has reportedly claimed the # 1 spot on this list. However, the Raiders’ save compounded a quad injury in Week 1 against Baltimore and should be sidelined. for several games. If Mariota recovers quickly, however, we would certainly approve of the WFT reviewing her.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

3 quarterbacks the football team should watch

3. Cam Newton

You had to know this was going to happen, right?

Under different circumstances, Cam Newton would have landed higher on this list. However, the improbability of Ron Rivera changing his stance on the reunion with the former MVP puts him in last place.

That said, we believe Rivera, if he was backed in the smallest of corners, would swallow his pride and sign Newton, who is currently a free agent after the Patriots shockingly freed him before the deadline. roster of 53 players.

While Newton was a huge disappointment with the Patriots last season, a number of extenuating circumstances contributed to his shortcomings. Not only did he sign on with very little time to study the playbook, but he was throwing to a bottom-of-barrel receiving body.

As if that weren’t enough, Newton tested positive for COVID-19 just as he was launching himself and never looked the same again when he returned.

That’s not to say Washington should ignore its struggles. We just think Newton has more to offer the NFL at 32. We could be wrong, but it is undeniably one of the best options available for the football team.

Just keep Newton in mind.

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