Alexandro Bernabei – South American football pundit calls Celtic’s pursuit of Lanus player ‘smart’

As the wait continues for more Celtic signings and more information from valuable sources, Sky Sports have interviewed South American football expert Tim Vickery and asked him about the interest renowned from Celtic for the Lanus star who was sent off tonight. , see below…

The footballer was more than happy to deliver his verdict on the Bernabei’s links with the Scottish champions, dubbing the interest as a ‘smart scouting item by Celtic’. He acknowledged the fact that the Hoops are launching their worldwide meet for potential emerging talent from all over the world, which is evident in Argentina.

Talk to Sky Sports News Earlier in the day, Vickery said:

Alexandro Bernabei de Lanus famous after having marked. (Photo by Agustín Marcarian – Pool/Getty Images)

Music to the ears of the Celtic faithful, who have desired not just another left-back to rival Greg Taylor, but rather one who can supplant the Scotland international and perhaps even challenge the legacy of the exceptional Kieran Tierney. Since then, Celtic have not been able to relax in relation to this side of the team.

Even last year when Greg enjoyed his best time in a Celtic shirt, the feeling was still anxious with Jota just up front as he often left the full-back exposed as he played the reverse role the manager is looking to put in place. work. Not having much pace, Taylor has often been caught off guard in European competitions – with Bodø/Glimt’s Ola Solbakken particularly painful for the Celtic man.

Bernabei, on sound, ticks a lot of the boxes that an Ange Postecoglou full-back must have. With the modern game requiring full-backs in general to be a primary attacking threat, this means they need to be adept at managing the pace and standing their ground on their own. Greg is tidy and well behaved, but there’s no denying that we need an upgrade if we’re ever to compete in the Champions League again.

Alexandro may well be the ticket for this position!

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