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The Dallas Cowboys are an American professional soccer team based in Dallas, Texas that competes in the National Football League (NFL) as a member club of the NFC (NFL). The Cowboys have won five Super Bowls and eight conference championships, making them one of the most successful and beloved teams in NFL history.

In 1960, with Tom Landry at the helm, the Cowboys became part of the National Football League as an expansion franchise. The Cowboys had a losing record in their first five NFL seasons, but they turned that around and became one of the league’s best teams, making the playoffs 17 times in 18 years between 1966 and 1983. 1966, the Cowboys followed the Detroit Lions took the lead and began regularly scheduling a home game on Thanksgiving Day. This significantly raised the Cowboys’ national profile.

In 1967, Dallas advanced to the NFL Championship Game, but they were defeated by the Green Bay Packers in a game that set a record for the coldest on-field temperature in NFL history. NFL (13 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius). This game became known as “Ice Bowl”. Roger Staubach, a future Hall of Fame quarterback, joined the Cowboys in 1969 and immediately elevated the team to championship status.

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Businessman Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys in 1989 and quickly fired Landry, angering many of the team’s die-hard fans who had grown attached to the coach over 28 seasons. However, the Cowboys’ luck in the 1988-90 draft helped ease the situation, as they picked up future Hall of Famers Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith in that order. In the 1990s, the Cowboys won three consecutive Super Bowls and dominated the NFL for most of the decade.


As its best players entered their twilight years or moved on to other teams, the franchise struggled in the early 2000s. While the Cowboys had made the playoffs on occasion since 1996, they hadn’t won any post-season game before 2010, when quarterback Tony Romo led them to a playoff triumph over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Beginning in 2011, the Cowboys had three consecutive 8–8 seasons in which they failed to qualify for the playoffs by losing their final regular season game to a divisional opponent. The Cowboys won 12 games and a division title in 2014, but were knocked out of the playoffs after losing their second playoff game the following year.

Two years later, after Romo was injured in the preseason, rookie Dak Prescott took over as quarterback for the Cowboys. He and fellow freshman Ezekiel Elliott led the team to a 13-3 record and the NFC’s best record, but were knocked out of the playoffs in the first round. After missing the playoffs in 2017, the Cowboys came back in 2018, won their opener, then lost in the divisional round.

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