American football coach baffles fans with comments about ‘performing’ his own players


Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly cracked the bizarre joke after his team beat Florida State in overtime after a game that was clearly too close for his liking.

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As a head coach, there are many ways to show your frustration to your team after a poor performance.

You can give them the ‘hair dryer treatment’ as Sir Alex Ferguson sometimes did to his Manchester United players, or have them come early for the next training session.

Joking about your players’ execution isn’t something you see often, but it’s what American college football coach Brian Kelly did after his Notre Dame team managed to win the first. day after being extended by the State of Florida.

His ninth-ranked Fighting Irish team in the country were 18 points ahead and looked to be heading for a comfortable victory over their inferior opponents to start the new season on Sunday.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish head coach Brian Kelly made the controversial comment following his team’s 41-38 victory over Florida State.


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But a late collapse saw Florida level the game and go into overtime, before Notre Dame finally crossed the line with a 41-38 victory.

When asked what he thought of the way the game went for his team, Kelly said: “I’m in favor of execution. Maybe our whole team needs to be executed afterwards. this evening.”

The frustrated coach was then asked to clarify his comments, to which he explained: “This is an old quote from John McKay, just kidding. It was ironic. It wasn’t funny?”

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Kelly had rather awkwardly attempted to quote former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach McKay, who, when asked about his team’s “execution”, joked, “I’m in favor.”

Notre Dame suffered grief at the end of the last campaign, losing the ACC Championship game to Clemson Tigers and then suffering a loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2021 Rose Bowl.

The Fighting Irish will have hopes of getting better this time around, but head coach Kelly knows his players will have to perform at a much higher standard than they did against Florida State if they want to. taste success.

“We have to manage the ball better,” he said the day after the match. “It’s clear that will be a focus here this week. We’re not here to throw the ball all over the court and not have a solid running game.”


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