American football coach looks like ‘RDR2’ Dutch giving a speech

Red Dead Redemption fans are in for a spin after listening to this clip of the Detroit Lions coach motivating his team, as he looks suspiciously like a Dutchman from the van der Linde gang.

Dan Campbell began coaching the Detroit Lions in January 2021 and has taken a decidedly different approach to supporting players. The Lions aren’t the luckiest teams – the last year they won a playoff game was 1992, the last season they won a division championship was 1993, and the last time they won a league title. champion was 1957. Those years are taped to the back wall of the team meeting room as a reminder that these men could not only do something great, but also something historic.

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For the purposes of comparing Dan Campbell and Dutch van der Linde, the team’s track record works oddly well.

“I’m only thinking about you guys,” Dutch said towards the end of the match. “That’s all I can think about, man. That’s all I fucking think about, it’s up to you guys. And how I set you up for the best fucking possible, the best possible advantage that I can give you to get a season. I swear to you, man. I just need you to trust me, that’s all. Please. Let’s get better tomorrow.

Obviously that’s not true – the above is the transcript of this clip from Campbell. But that doesn’t seem too far removed from Dutch’s pleas as the “fucking plan” begins to slip from his fingertips. To get the most out of this fun comparison, close your eyes, imagine Horseshoe Overlook, feel the warmth of the fire as you walk around, and:

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