American football has been added to the PressBox Live platform

The 2022-23 National Football League and National Collegiate Athletic Association competitions are fast approaching. This is the right time to launch a football-related initiative.

Stats Performs, for example, has added American football to its PressBox Live platform. It has been shining a light on European football for almost a year. The company is now looking to leverage its expertise and experience to make the launch of American football a huge success.

American football added to the PressBox Live platform

Just as the two crucial competitions draw closer to the United States of America, Stats Perform has made the decision to add American football to the PressBox Live platform.

The PressBox Live dashboard, for now, provides real-time competitive information. It is powered by artificial intelligence and driven by a huge collection of data. The team has enjoyed huge success in the section of European football. It is now expected to show similar results with American football.

According to recent updates, the PressBox Live platform has enlisted the National Football League and the National Collegiate Athletic Association to share data that dates back to 1920. This definitely represents its reputation for being data driven.

It also plans to highlight important betting-related information. This will allow the platform to meet the needs of this part of the public that is extremely enthusiastic about football betting in the United States of America.

The feeds will highlight betting information as well as game by game blanket. The feature will be available for betting enthusiasts across the country only.

The PressBox Live platform added the football section in May 2021 and is now taking a step forward to add American football.

Nancy Hensley, director of product and marketing at Stats Perform, said the team designed the data-driven platform to deliver real-time data to its users.

She also said that the biggest challenge for every streamer is getting a quick glance at important stats during dynamic game changes. The team designed the platform to instill things like these increase viewership, maintain audience interest and engage sponsors.

Nancy Hensley likened the platform to having multiple assistants helping uncover the stories behind the action on the pitch. She also called PressBox Live a game changer for broadcasters looking to make their storytelling unique in the industry.

One of the coolest features of PressBox Live is that it acts as a mediator between users and experts. Platform users who want to explore the features eventually find that a team of sports experts is just a click away from their mobile app.

Steve Hirdt, senior director of operations and research at Stats Perform, expressed his excitement saying he was thrilled with Stats Perform’s decision to add American football.

He further added that he now looks forward to seeing the team replicate the success of European football with American football.

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