An Unsung Victory: American Football Players

The United States women’s national soccer team complied by winning their match against Australia. With a score of 34 to 6 at the world championships to be held in Helsinki, however, Little is known about this spectacular victory of the Mexican players Because they feel that today’s game should have been against Canada in the final.

,I have a little mixed feelings, obviously very happy, grateful to be there and to set foot on the ground, but disappointed Because we know that this game had to be another game, that is to say that it had to be against Canada, but in the end we had fun and we aimed for victory. The scoreline is disappointing because on day one Australia played Canada and they finished 36-6, a very similar scoreline and that tells us we should have played Canada today and then played the final at the weekend -end. , said. The player Ana Barbosa.

Also In front of the player Michelle Hernandez that the victory was not noticeable they wanted and that would lead to a fight over the medals.

“The truth is that we were already looking forward to playing because of what we went through, and that’s exactly what we came for. We had a build-up of emotion, adrenaline and even hope. has been. Despite this, the goal could not be achieved, which was a medal, but in the end, we like to play, And we were excited, so fatigue and blockage were in the background.

This weekend, the team will face Germany Compete for fifth and sixth place in the World Cup, And the team is confident of achieving the goal it has not set since the start of the world dream.

“This game will be to get the classification, we have to take advantage of it, in the end we are already there and we have to keep our commitment,” Anna said.

After this World Cup, many players had already planned to say goodbye to American football, but now the situation has changed after the tournament did not go as planned.

“The truth is that I already intended to retire with a lot of girls, and we still have the thorn of knowing that we came to play the finals and it’s hard because in the end we don’t we don’t keep football. There is no approval, so we do it for the love of the game and the passion for the game, and we also sacrifice the professional part and the family. Many of us had already the idea that this World Cup is the culmination of our playing careers, but now we have another one, we are thinking about it and a lot can happen in four years, so at the moment I would say I will not reach another World Cup”, punished Barbosa Heard.

At the end, Michelle said that The match against Australia served to showcase Mexico’s competitive level in the sport.

“Somehow we believed in the project, we believed in ourselves, in our team, and we knew we had everything to fight for a medal, and that game was like saying look , we are here and they play football the same way in Mexico. There is still one game left, we will fight for fifth place. We are going against Germany and the intention to win is to finish fifth. In this World Cup, you can’t let anyone down and it won’t be easy.



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