It’s been well over a decade since OutKast released a new album, but that doesn’t mean André 3000 and Big Boi aren’t spending time together. Over the weekend, the musical duo traveled to the University of Oregon to watch Big’s son, Cross, play soccer.

One lucky spectator managed to snag a selfie in the stands, which they captioned “the coolest duck game of all time”.

The photo has since been posted on Twitter, prompting some to wonder if this could mean that a new OutKast project is in the works.

“Yo, they’re working on an album or what,” one person wrote. “They’re relaxing together lol. Nah fr tho, it’s dope.

“I hope they record an album here between matches,” replied another viewer.

Neither Big nor 3000 have spoken of a possible reunion, although there were discussions on the internet a few weeks ago after André shared a list of artists he would like to collaborate with.

Currently, Big Boi’s Instagram feed is covered in green as he shows his support for Cross and the rest of his team at the U of O.

“Ducks win !!!! #Weoutchea @oregonfootball 4-0 #GoDucks,” the 46-year-old captioned a video of 3 Stacks and his son, Seven, having fun watching the game from the stands .

Much like on Twitter, many comments on Instagram pointed to a new OutKast album. If Big Boi and Andre didn’t know what their fans were looking for before, they sure do now.