Antonio Brown randomly shows up at a FAU football game and plays tuba

Antonio Brown is a ghost. He is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

One week he’s in Dubai exposing himself to a pool full of women, the next he’s at a college football game playing brass. The latter was true on Saturday.

Brown, who appeared to announce his retirement from football last week, randomly appeared in Boca Raton as Florida Atlantic hosted Rice. He wasn’t there for a job, he doesn’t have family on either team, and he played at Central Michigan – so there’s no clear connection to the Owls, both FAU and Rice. Brown was right there.

As Willie Taggart’s team picked up its third win of the season, the former two-time first-team college All-American and four-time NFL first-team All-Pro lived up to his usual shenanigans. Brown was on one.

Dressed head to toe in black with chunky rubber boots on her feet, the only color in her outfit came from her jewelry. Brown had a gold chain and a unique set of rings (if you can call them that?) on her fingers.

Specifically, his middle finger was frozen all the way. No one has a flashier and more expensive middle finger than Antonio Brown.

Brown performed well during the pre-game and spent his time wandering the sidelines.

But as the night wore on, things got weird.

Antonio Brown decided he was going to join the FAU group, sort of.

Whether he had permission to do so or not, the 34-year-old commandeered a sousaphone, which belongs to the tuba family. He just walked around with it around his body like it was completely normal.

And then Brown got tired of the sousaphone and wanted to try something different, so he tried the baritone horn. It seemed to be more his speed, as he was grinning from ear to ear.

We’ll probably never know why Brown was at the game or why he decided to pick up a few instruments while there. But that’s what makes it so fascinating. What was the thought process?

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