Argentine Football Association and Players’ Union reach agreement on players’ pregnancy rights

Friday November 15th, 2019 By Ariel Reck

The development and promotion of women’s football is one of the pillars of the current administration of the Argentine Football Association (AFA). Women’s football was launched in March this year, which required each of the 17 participating teams to register at least 8 professional contracts. The majority of teams have actually registered more than that – Boca Juniors, for example registered. For this year, the AFA gave each club a subsidy covering the annual cost of these 8 minimum professional contracts. For those interested, a copy of the tournament rules is available

With the professionalization of women’s football, female players were included in the league’s existing collective bargaining agreement (CCT), under which the minimum wage is equal to the minimum wage for the men’s team.C-Division” (the 4th level of competition in Argentina). However, negotiations have started between the AFA and the Union of Argentine Players to adapt the CBA to the specialties of women’s football, in particular the issue of pregnancy.

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Ariel Reck

Ariel Reck

Ariel is a lawyer in Argentina who focuses exclusively on the sports sector, mainly the football industry. He has particular experience advising on third-party player ownership issues, player transfers and international sports litigation before FIFA and CAS. He has also spoken at conferences on these issues in Argentina and internationally.

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