Attorney General Orders Arrest Of Head Of Mini Football Association, Head Of Air Ambulance Service And Co-Pilot – Opens Football Malaria Case Investigation |

By Sami Zaptia.

London, August 6, 2021:

Yesterday, the Libyan Attorney General ordered the arrest of the head of the Libyan mini football association Hussien Twelib, the head of the Libyan air ambulance service and the co-pilot of the flight that was carrying sick footballers to Rome, as well as a order to investigate the mini-footballers malaria case.

Malaria from a football tournament in Nigeria

It will be recalled that a member of the Libyan mini-football team (Ayman Nigresh) died last Wednesday after coming back infected with malaria after participating in the second Africa Cup mini-football in Nigeria in July. In addition, most of the team members who had traveled had been infected to some extent, some in very poor condition.

His death and the infection of the players caused understandable fury in Libya as the state failed to deal with them promptly and it was revealed that the football team had not been vaccinated against malaria until after. fly to Nigeria.

The incident of the flight of the Air Ambulance to Rome

To make matters worse, there was a bureaucratic delay in processing their trip to Rome for treatment. Two players were, rightly or wrongly, prevented at the last minute from boarding the air ambulance bound for Rome and two civilians took their places. A civilian is the son of a deputy.

Public perception of a corrupt and indifferent political elite

The incident caught public attention with the perception of an indifferent political elite, especially towards young people, and nepotism and corruption as a result of connected civilians using an air ambulance flight to travel to Europe. Medical flights are not allowed to carry civilian passengers.

Libyan mainstream and social media covered the incident with a photograph of the bloodshot red eyes of one of the malaria-infected footballers touching a public nerve.

Now the blame game

This led to accusations and finger-pointing drills between different institutions, including the Libyan Sports Ministry and the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC), the former claiming that the latter had informed him that the players did not did not need to be vaccinated. The NCDC denied this.

It is in this context that the Attorney General has now intervened in an attempt to attribute legal responsibility to some of these actions.

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