Barbados Football Association Benefits From Mentoring Workshop

The Barbados Football Association (BFA) has recently taken a positive step towards excellence in administration.

Last weekend at the BFA headquarters in Wildey, St Michael, board members took part in the Executive Mentorship Program (EMP), led by Concacaf’s Director of Member Association Affairs for the North and Central America, Horace Reid and Senior Director of One Concacaf & Caribbean Projects, Howard McIntosh.

Launched in 2019, the EMP aimed to improve the knowledge and skills of the 41 members, focusing specifically on leadership and governance, administration and strategic planning.

“I believe I am best placed to help the BFA advance the objectives of the organization as set out in the strategic plan, to move the sport forward”

The arrival of COVID-19 last year brought program progress to a halt, but the easing of restrictions allowed people-to-people teaching to resume.

McIntosh said he was happy to take over the program and is confident the BFA will effectively execute good governance with his new skills and knowledge.

“As our members resume their various activities and operations, we believe that there is a great need to restart the EMP.

The workshop was held at the headquarters of the Barbados Football Association and went very well. The members of the Board of Directors were very engaged and the discussions on the various subjects were indeed vigorous.

We are confident that the BFA Board is committed to the principles of good governance,” said McIntosh.

Newly appointed executive Clifford Gooding-Edghill said the workshop was ideal for new faces on the board as it provided important information that educated him and brought clarity.

“The course was a great onboarding exercise for me as a new board member.

It helped me learn about the governance structure of the BFA, influenced by the model designed and recommended by Concacaf.

Emphasis was placed on sharing best practices in good governance, leadership and roles and responsibilities. The Roles and Responsibilities section was one of the most interesting and revealing of the workshop and cleared up some misconceptions I may have had as an outsider regarding the Board and Standing Committees .

I believe I am best placed to help the BFA advance the goals of the organization as set out in the strategic plan, to move the sport forward.”

(photo courtesy of Concacaf)

BFA Executive Assistant Treasurer Lisa Bannister said one of the areas that most engaged her in the workshop was the segment on roles and responsibilities, as this can lead to greater efficiency and productivity.

“We covered good governance, leadership and separation of powers, financial planning and risk management.

I think these are critical areas for the executive to function properly and for everyone to be fully aware of their roles and responsibilities. As a new person coming in, you sometimes don’t know what your role would be.

My overall takeaway from the entire workshop is that the BFA needs to move forward into the 21st century as a business, with a focus on streamlining statutes and self-sufficiency.

The funding we receive puts us on this path, in terms of investing in capital projects, as we move away from an antiquated way of doing things.”

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