British American Football Association announces first-ever Canadian Football League combination in UK

Graphic: Igor Lazarevic

The British American Football Association, BAFA joins the growing list of nations forming partnerships with the Canadian football league and announced the very first Combine the UK Canadian Football League stand in Bristol January 25, 2020.

Previously, both Italy and France announced their intention to organize combine harvesters in their respective countries.

The combine, hosted in collaboration with PRIDE of Bristol Academy, will subject athletes to exercises to determine athletic and position-specific abilities.

Successful athletes selected by the LCF will then be invited to compete in the CFL own combine harvester in Canada in March 2020 and participate in their annual project – meaning the potential to be selected by one of the LCF teams to represent them in their next season.

Details on how to apply and expected minimum standards will be released shortly, but applicants must be elite performers between the ages of 22-29 and be either a British national or have been registered BAFA member for the 2019 or 2020 seasons.

BAFA Director Bruce Leatherman commented :

“The partnership with the CFL has helped BAFA achieve one of its primary goals – to establish a real path for athletes to reach their full potential in football. The expected level is, of course, extremely high, but we can now provide clear goals for members to focus on to become professional athletes in our sport. “

He added:

“We are already in discussions with the CFL about how we can provide similar experiences to our coaches and officials, who devote a great deal of their free time to helping our sport grow. I would also like to thank Coach Ben Herod and the Bristol Academy of Sport for their support in welcoming the combine and allowing us to provide a tremendous opportunity for the athletes of the UK.

In March 2019, 18 international players participated in the Combine the 2019 CFL next to Canadian eligible players CFL Draft. The players all came from the top leagues of clubs in Europe, except two French present players from Canadian college football (USport) and an Italian player of a American junior college football. Nine players have been selected to join LCF teams. Of these nine, five ended up on LCF lists.

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