California School for the Deaf Football Team Recognized at Super Bowl – NBC Los Angeles

The Rams weren’t the only hometown heroes on the grill Sunday.

So were members of the Riverside Cubs, an all-deaf high school football team that recently made history.

The NFL honored the Cubs for their inspiration and determination.

Before the game began, millions around the world watched as the Riverside Cubs team captains stood on the field.

On football’s biggest stage, the NFL recognized the California School for the Deaf team as American trailblazers who challenged stereotypes.

“Being there for the Super Bowl game…goosebumps,” signed Trevin Adams, a cubs player. “You have the most eyes on you, the most recognized event…really creepy.”

Recently, Adams and the Cubs made history by taking their team to the state division championship game for the first time in the school’s 68-year history.

They played against hearing teams and only lost one game.

Adams’ father, coach Keith Adams was also there on Sunday to experience the Super Bowl moment.

“What an honor to be part of this historic event, to be selected as Coach of the Year, for my son to have this experience,” he signed. “I took my other son. It was his birthday so we took him to the game as well.”

Four athletes from the California School for the Deaf in Riverside will be on the field this Sunday as guests of honor. Seen on air on February 10, 2022.

Cubs player Jory Valencia was also on the court. Her father is the athletic director of the school.

Jeremias Valencia said.

“Historically speaking, we are a minority group,” he said. “We are often underplayed and the NFL has put the deaf community on the map.”

Other members of the deaf community also took part in the Super Bowl, including American sign language interpreters and deaf rapper Warren Snipe, aka Wawa.

Coach Adams says this Super Bowl wasn’t just about a championship, it was also about inclusion.

“It was a huge deal for the deaf community, one hell of an inspiration,” he signed. “The whole community felt uplifted. We didn’t show we couldn’t do things. We showed we could do things. The NFL opens doors for the deaf community.”

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