Canada takes over North American football

Many, while talking about the exciting 2021 experienced by the Canadian national football team, have reduced everything to a superficial analysis: the best Canada for more than thirty years – the last and only qualification for the World Cup comes from the 1986 edition. – This is the result of the talent of Alfonso Davis and a few other good quality elements – Jonathan David, Dajon Buchanan and other players playing in Europe. Well, the historic 2-0 victory over the United States said a lot more: first, the Canucks were able to beat the Americans without being able to field Davis, and were stopped by a heart attack following Covit’s positivity; Another eye-opener in recent months, namely Stephen Eustachio, a midfielder who left for Porto, hasn’t been on the pitch due to problems with the corona virus; However, Hamilton’s most important message was about the flow of the game: Canada wins at the end of a game in which the United States may have proven themselves to be the best. To clean, But ultimately the tactical identity – solid but not speculative – and the emotional strength of a national team as it is structured and trained like a club. Unsurprisingly, many Canadian players pointed to these characteristics with precision: in post-game interviews, goaltender Porgen said, “We put on a great defensive performance.

The opening goal for Chail Lorin – the 26-year-old Besiktas striker, who with his 23 goals is already the senior national team’s all-time top scorer – effectively placing the game on players’ favorite tracks led by John. Hertman, new England manager from 2011 and 2017 with a long and successful experience with the women’s representative: Canada want to be perfect and implement their fast and go forward without dominating possession. It is obviously a choice because of the characteristics and the identity of the athletes available: Porgen, in the same interview already mentioned above (more report New York Times), “In the past, when we went to play in the United States, 50 or 60,000 people laughed at us and humiliated our country. Now, or since a few games, things have changed: now they are afraid of us.

It is clear that today Canada is trying to recover from years of subjugation. To do this, he bets everything in a single game system, which is probably the beginning but the most profitable, as well as the deepest synchronicity between everyone who is part of this project. The coach himself explained it: “This great moment we had was formed based on the best team spirit we found. We will never stop fighting, and now even the fans have noticed: unlike in the past, there is a country that supports us because it has learned to live from football.

In short, the results carried the fans away, and vice versa. This is how Canada returned to its highest point in many, many years: the Canucks did not beat the United States in the World Cup playoffs for 42 years; Moreover, they haven’t qualified for the final of the World Cup qualifiers since 1998, when teams like Trinidad and Tobago, Guatemala and El Salvador did. Canada are now top of the so-called League Group, an eight-team squad that offers two spots to qualify directly for Qatar 2022 and a spot in the interregional playoffs. But that’s not all: Connach is the best striker, the best defender and undefeated in the four games he has played against Mexico and the United States, which have always been the two dominant souls of North American football. . Here, now, that historic duplicity may have come to an end: the third wheel between Mexico and the United States, a national team that may not yet be full of original skills, but has learned to build quality players, to export them and to insert them. They are in a working game environment. In the words of Hertmann: I learned to live from football. The time has come.


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