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TOPEKA (KSNT) – From now on, Sunday night’s game will be played in Tampa. But, because of Hurricane Ian, that game could potentially be moved to a common location in Minnesota.

On various sportsbooks, the Chiefs currently occupy between -1 and -1.5 favor over the Buccaneers.
But if the game is moved to US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, sports bettors could very well see that line move.

“I could see the line definitely swinging more toward Kansas City being a minus three, maybe even a minus four by the time we get to Sunday,” said The Athletic writer Gene Clemons.

With the game up in the air on where it is being played, it is best to wait for a sport to see what the odds are on Sunday.

“Certainly I would wait,” said top sportsman Chad Gray. “See where the lines move. My gut feeling is that it probably favors Brady and the Bucs that way. It’s indoors, less environmental factors than it might have outdoors.

But if the game is moved, Charlie Rhoades has a different take on the seven-time Superbowl champion and the Bucs.

“I think it’s going to take [Tom Brady] out of his element a bit where he doesn’t have his audience now,” top sportsman Charlie Rhoades said. “He had to change his plans at the last minute. The leaders were already traveling. Think Mahomes and they’ll be fine. I think the spread will actually favor them a bit more.

But in the end, it doesn’t matter who you go with…

“Whichever side you’re on, you probably won’t see people dusting the other side,” Clemons said. “Because I think if you’re pro-Kansas City as the best, three points won’t change anything. If you’re pro-Tampa Bay, now that you get three runs, that obviously won’t change your bet. But you might see people double down and bet a second bet on the same sort of thing.

If Sunday night’s game changes venue, it wouldn’t be the first time. A game changed venue due to weather in 2021 when the Saints and Packers ended up playing in Jacksonville due to Hurricane Ida.

Week 3 NFL ‘Monday Night Football’ Game Picks and Predictions Mon, 26 Sep 2022 23:36:50 +0000

The 2022 NFL season is officially underway. Week 2 is in the books and, as always, provided plenty of entertainment. There were a number of great games as well as some top team disappointments in Week 3 as well, and we saw the Atlanta Falcons finally enter the win column against the Seattle Seahawks.

To conclude this week, Monday Night Football once again presents a healthy dose of Dallas Cowboys (1-1). Interestingly, the Cowboys are actually slight underdogs for the New York Giants (2-0), who haven’t played very well so far but managed to win their first two games.

Let’s get straight into tonight’s picks, which I’ll make based on a straight money line (i.e. picking the winner). I will still provide information on the spread and over/under, for those who are interested. Down below, I’ll show the rest of the staff picks for the game.

All ratings are taken from DraftKings Sportsbook and are subject to change. View current odds here.

Monday Night Football: Dallas Cowboys (1-1) vs. New York Giants (2-0)

The pick: Cowboys (-105)

Spread: Giants -1 | Over/Under: 38.5 | Moneyline: Giants -115, Cowboys -105

This one is a tough call. None of these teams inspire much confidence. The Giants are finding ways to win games, which is commendable, while the Cowboys are currently without Dak Prescott but remain competitive thanks to strong defense. I think the winning streak is ending for the Giants thanks to dominant defensive play from Dallas.

Choice of staff

What are your picks and predictions for tonight Monday night football matches?

Dimensions/lines subject to change. The T&Cs apply. See bets for more details.

The most explosive football game of the decade in San Angelo Sat, 24 Sep 2022 05:59:12 +0000

SAN ANGELO, TX – Explosive offensive prowess with no hint of defensive dominance defined the San Angelo Central Bobcats’ comeback night. After a back-and-forth where both teams’ offenses seemed unstoppable, the Bobcats snatched a win from the jaws of defeat. Tyler Hill connected with Ben Imler when time expired with a hailing pass to finally bury the Abilene Wylie Bulldogs 63-61.

The San Angelo Central Bobcats (3-2) hosted the Abilene Wylie Bulldogs (2-3) for San Angelo’s return Friday night, Sept. 23, at San Angelo Stadium at 7 p.m. Quarterback Tyler Hill and the running back quartet of Tyree Brawley, Aiden Barron, Jaedyn Gipson and Jayvion Robinson completely buried the Bulldogs defense. Accumulating more than 400 yards rushing alone, the Bobcats offense looked set to close out-of-district play with a win.

After receiving the opening kickoff, the Bobcats offense struggled early. A penalty and a sack on Tyler Hill pushed the Bobcats too far to be defeated. The first practice ended after three plays and a punt. Abilene Wylie took advantage of the advantage their defense gave them and quickly scored. The Bobcats defense held on for two plays, but faced with a 3rd and five to go, QB Kadin Long put the ball back on a quarterback guard who ran 40 yards down the field to the 25-yard line Bobcats. On the ensuing play, RB Landry Carlton broke two tackles and trotted into the end zone for a touchdown. The Bobcats trailed early, 7-0.

The Bobcats made their first costly mistake of the ball game on their second possession. Hill fell back to move to 3rd and 15th and immediately had to dodge pressure from the Wildcats defensive front. Hill slipped away from a potential tackler but, in the process, the ball came loose from his grip. The Bulldogs recovered the loose ball and took over near midfield.

The “Cats” defense won their quarterback’s misfortune by forcing the Bulldogs to a 3-and-out. Darius Floyd crossed the line with a 3rd and 8 yards to go, leaving Kadin Long nowhere to go. Long tried to escape, but a sure tackle from Floyd ended that attempt. The sack ended the practice and the Bulldogs threw the ball into the end zone for a touchdown.

San Angelo Central’s offense finally came alive on their third possession. Hill started the practice by snatching a 17-yard run from midfield. He then connected with WR Tyler Walker on two different passes for 16 yards. RB Aiden Barron and Tyler Hill then made their way down the field on penalty runs that broke several tackles to Abilene Wylie’s 5-yard line. Jaedyn Gipson finished the drive with a 5-yard run for a touchdown. The Bobcats tied, 7-7.

The Bobcats defense gave up a 40-yard deep throw early in the second quarter. The Bulldogs settled with a first and goal to go to the San Angelo Central 8-yard line. The defense held on for two plays, but on 3rd down Wylie entered the end zone to regain the lead, 14-7.

The passing offense dug the Bulldogs in the practice that followed. Hill joined WR Ben Imler on a deep ball 32 yards to the Abilene 45-yard line. Hill then took a carry himself inside the 30-yard line. Brawley and Hill took turns carrying the ball inside the 10-yard line, and Hill capped off the impressive run with a 1-yard touchdown to tie the game at 14-14.

After the Bobcats defense forced another punt, the two teams traded touchdowns on 1-play drives. First, Tyler Hill turned the corner and sprinted 63 yards home . However, Kadin Long refused to be outdone when he connected with his receiver, who got behind the defense. 75 yards later, the score remained equal, 21-21.

As time ticked away in the first half, the Bobcats’ offensive machine continued to produce runs. Hill threw two accurate passes to WR Jacob Gallegos to set up another 29-yard jogger by Hill for the touchdown. Hill eclipsed the 200-yard mark before the first half even ended. The ‘Cats again took the lead 7, 28-21.

The Bulldogs turned and raced down the field in less than four minutes to tie the score just before halftime at 28-28. With 1:12 remaining in the 2nd quarter, however, the Bobcats offense pushed their advantage one last time. Hill threw a screen pass to Cedric Fuentes, who broke away and sprinted 32 yards down the field to the Bulldogs 33-yard line. Hill then threw a through pass, and Ben Imler caught her in stride for a touchdown.

With just 40 seconds left in the half, the Bulldogs tried to tie the Cats’ last-minute score. Wylie settled in at the Bobcats 40-yard line with just four seconds left. The Abilene coaching staff composed a trick to try and catch the ‘Cats off guard, but CB Jacoby Yates read them like a book. Long threw a pass to his receiver, who threw the ball to another for more distance. Yates read the pitch and picked it out before sprinting the other way. Long managed to save another touchdown, but the Bobcats defense hung on. The ‘Cats held on to their lead and all consumed all the momentum of the game as they headed to the locker room, 35-28.

The ‘Cats came out strong on defense in the second half, forcing Abilene Wylie to make a three-and-out. The special teams unit nearly blocked the punt, but the pressure caused the kick to only travel 15 yards. The “Cats” offense got a great field position at the Bulldogs 37-yard line. It took just one play for Hill to find Imler wide open 37 yards down the field for another touchdown. The Bobcats extended their 42-28 lead.

Although the Bobcats offense continued to score, Abilene Wylie proved equally difficult to stop. Even after Darius Floyd fired Kadin long for the second time, a quick run to 2nd and forever was the difference. Two plays later, Long found an open receiver in the end zone for another touchdown. But the Bobcats still led 42-35.

Hill and the offense remained unstoppable after the touchdown. A missed Bulldogs kick put the ‘Cats on Abilene Wylie’s 49-yard line. Hill and Brawley’s hard-nosed run slowly moved the ball towards the end zone. Carmelo Amigleo recorded his first hold of the contest on a pivot play to help move the sticks. The Bulldogs nearly stopped the ‘Cats inside the 5-yard line, but three straight runs from Tyree Brawley eventually pushed the ball into the end zone for the 1-yard score. The ‘Cats continued to hold the momentum, 49-35.

Going into the 4th quarter, Abilene Wylie continued to meet little resistance moving the ball. The Bobcats consistently stopped the Bulldogs on first and second down, but explosive plays on 3rd down continually killed the defense. Long connected with one of his receivers at 3rd and 10th, who beat the defense on the way to a 50-yard touchdown. The Bobcats then stalled on offense, and after a poor punt, the Bulldogs waltzed downfield again for a touchdown. Consecutive scores left the game after a missed extra point, 49-48 in favor of San Angelo Central.

Disaster struck the reader who followed. After several first downs, the Bobcats threatened to score again. Tyler Hill backed up for second down and kicked the ball towards Ben Imler. A Bulldogs defender stepped in front of the pass and caught it. Tyler Hill’s first interception since the season opener breathed new life into the Bulldogs. As on previous possessions, the ‘Cats forced the Bulldogs to 3rd and long, but Kadin scrambled long for 60 yards and a first down. Now inside the 10-yard line, it took little effort for Wylie to take the lead on their unanswered third touchdown. Abilene Wylie took the lead with 4:57 left in the 4th quarter, 54-49.

Time continued to tick and the Bobcats had to respond. The ‘Cats started driving through the air as Cedric Fuentes caught a screen pass from 24 yards. After two unsuccessful plays, Hill couldn’t escape the pressure on third down. The sack resulted in 4th and 18 yards to go. Hill threw a pass to Jacob English, sprinting down the field. The defender decided to tackle English before the ball hit the ground, and the ensuing penalty saved the drive. The “Cats” immediately took advantage of the first down of the penalty when Brawley caught a pass on a wheelie route that pushed the offense inside the 20-yard line. Hill took care of the rest himself on a 14-yard run and his 4th rushing touchdown. After a successful 2-point conversion, the Bobcats regained the lead 57-54.

With 1:27 left in the game, Wylie had one last chance to score. It proved too much time for the exhausted Bobcats defense to defend, and after several 20-yard or more plays, Kadin Long broke containment and beat the defense to the edge. He ran for 16 yards for the touchdown score to take the lead, 61-57.

Nineteen seconds gave the Bobcats time to run three plays. The kickoff and two games in attack. Although the game seemed hopeless at the time, the ‘Cats never lowered their heads in defeat. The ‘Cats started possession by returning the kick to the Bobcats 39-yard line. There are ten seconds left. Hill backed up and hit Imler in the middle for 15 yards. The ‘Cats then implemented their version of the hook and ladder which gained an additional six yards to the Bulldogs’ 40-yard line. Head coach Kevin Crane called a time out with three seconds left.

UMass announces October 8 football game with Liberty will be celebrated as #PrideDay Thu, 22 Sep 2022 14:23:50 +0000
Photo: Twitter

UMass isn’t good at football, but apparently good at trolling, as evidenced by the announcement that the Minutemen’s home game with Liberty on Oct. 8 will be celebrated as #PrideDay.

This is troll level: expertdoing #PrideDay with one of the most anti-LGBTQ+ schools in the country in the stadium.

According to “The Liberty Way”, the student honor code:

“Sex outside of a biblically ordained marriage between a natural-born man and a natural-born woman is not permitted at Liberty University.”

“Although mental thoughts, temptations and states of mind are not regulated by The Liberty Way, statements and behaviors associated with the LGBT lifestyle are prohibited. For example, romantic displays of affection with a member of the same sex (e.g. holding hands, kissing, dating, etc.) and actions confirming denial of biological sex at birth (e.g. asking to be referred to by pronouns incompatible with birth sex, use of restrooms and locker rooms reserved for persons other than birth sex, etc.) are prohibited.

UMass announced #PrideDay in a 37-second social media video featuring techno music and a uniformed player standing in a rainbow-lit room.

The football game will be the second this semester involving a Liberty team that the host has used to celebrate a Pride event.

Northwestern hosted Liberty at Field Hockey on September 9 and announced it as the program’s Pride Game.

Tom Brady took a break to ‘cheer on’ his son Jack at a football game in New York Tue, 20 Sep 2022 20:01:38 +0000

Although the NFL season is now underway, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady took the time to watch over her son, John “Jack” Edwardin a football game this week.

A source tells PEOPLE that Brady, 45, traveled to New York and ‘cheered for Jack’ as the 15-year-old’s team won on Monday afternoon.

“He and a friend were left alone,” the source said. “His other kids weren’t with him this time. He looked like he was smiling and shouting to cheer Jack on.”

The day before, Brady and the Buccaneers beat the Saints 20-10 in New Orleans, but not before a fight between both teams during the fourth quarter resulted in at least one suspension. Brady was not involved in the fight but showed frustration in the first quarter when he threw and broke a tablet on the sidelines.

Tampa Bay is now 2-0 to start the year, which is Brady’s 23rd career season.

RELATED: Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen have been living apart for ‘over a month’, source says

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jonathan Bachman/AP/Shutterstock (13400496v) Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12) reacts during the first half of an NFL football game against the New Orleans Saints at New Orleans Buccaneers Saints Football, New Orleans, United States – Sep 18, 2021

Jonathan Bachman/AP/Shutterstock

“Great win to get to 2-0,” Brady said in a video posted to Instagram after the game. “Get ready for next week. Green Bay is coming to town, let’s go.”

Brady also traveled to New York earlier this month to attend one of Jack’s football practicesa source told PEOPLE.

“Tom was in good spirits and chatted with all the parents,” they said. “He flew all the way for the scrum.”

RELATED: Tom Brady ‘knows it’s his last season if he wants to stay married’ to Gisele Bündchen: source

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Aflo/Shutterstock Tom Brady and his son Jack

“He’s a lovely dad and he’s always there for Jack,” the source added of Brady’s relationship with Jack, who he co-parents with his ex. Bridget Moynahan.

For this visit, Brady also brought his son Benjamin Rene12 and 9 year old girl Lake Vivianewhich he shares with his wife Gisele Bundchen.

RELATED VIDEO: Tom Brady apologizes after breaking tablet before all-out brawl at Bucs vs Saints game

Sources have told PEOPLE that Brady’s decision not to retire has caused tension with Bündchen, 42, who wanted him to remain retired when he made the decision in January, to no longer take his retirement two months later.

“There’s a lot of tension. She was so happy when he announced his retirementand she wasn’t thrilled at all when he I came back to this“, said a source, adding that Brady “knows this is his last season” in the league “if he wants to stay married”.

Another source said Brady makes sure to find time for his family. “No other husband is entitled to six months leave a year to devote himself entirely to his family,” they explained. “And during the season, yes, he travels for games and trains, but he’s also with his family a lot.”

Monday Night Football Week 2 Preview Mon, 19 Sep 2022 06:20:00 +0000

The Tennessee Titans visit the Buffalo Bills at 7:15 p.m. ET on Monday, September 19. The first of two Monday night primetime games to kick off the NFL Week 2 ratings shows the Bills as broadcast favorites and on the silver line. The total points in the Bills Titans odds are set at .

In this article, we break down everything you need to know before placing a bet on the game, including team matches, key metrics and the best odds available. Click on any Bills – Titans odds in this article to bet now.


When using the odds table above, click on the drop down menu and select the type of bet you wish to make.

Point spread betting is betting on how many points a team will win or lose. A plus sign in front of the spread is the underdog, and a minus sign is the favorite. The Bills would need at least a ten-point win if you bet on Buffalo to cover the point spread (-9.5). A bet on the Titans would win if Tennessee won the game or lost by nine points or less. When there is no fixed number like this (-9.5), no thrust comes into play.

Moneyline betting is simply betting on which team will win a game.

The total is the combined number of points the two teams will score. Bettors can choose to bet more or less on the total number of points that will be scored in the game.


In the props tool search bar, type a team or player and press enter. You will see the different betting proposals offered by the main online sportsbooks. This is a valuable tool that allows bettors to compare odds and statistics when considering a prop bet.


On Thursday, the spread for this game on Fanduel Sportsbook is Bills -9.5. Most sportsbooks have this spread at Bills . Additional updates are available below.


The weather is not expected to have much of an impact on this game as the temperature is expected to settle at 70 degrees by kick off. There is a small chance of light rain, although models show it could be clear by kick-off Monday evening. Even then, you should be wary of letting potential weather affect your handicap – unless it’s like the 49ers at Bears torrential downpour we witnessed in Week 1.


Player Position Wound Game Fri Sat Game status
Tommy Doyle TO Foot PF PF PF Unspecified
Danish Jackson CC Knee DNP DNP PF Questionable
quintin morris AND Tendon PF PF PF Unspecified
Ed Olivier DT Ankle DNP DNP DNP Out
Tim Settle DT Calf DNP DNP LP Doubtful
Gabe Davis WR Ankle LP Questionable
Stefan Diggs WR Veterinary rest LP Unspecified
Christian Fulton CC Tendon DNP DNP DNP Out
Dontrell Hilliard RB Tendon DNP DNP DNP Out
Kyle Phillips WR Shoulder DNP LP LP Questionable
Ola Adeniyi OLB Neck LP LP LP (-)
Ben Jones VS Not injury related LP PF PF (-)
Jamarco Jones TO Elbow LP DNP DNP Out
Taylor Lewan TO Knee LP PF PF (-)
Dillon Radunz TO Neck LP LP LP (-)
lonnie johnson CC Elder PF PF PF (-)
Nate Davis g Knee (-) DNP PF (-)


Invoices O Statistics (ranking) Titans D
31 (#4) Points/GM 21 (#16)
0.534 (#2) Points/Play 0.362 (#19)
413 (#6) Yards/Gm 394 (#24)
292 (#8) Pass Yards/Gm 156 (#4)
121 (#13) Rush Yards / Gm 238 (#32)
7.1 (#1) Yards/game 6.8 (#30)
9.6 (#1) Yards/Pass 7.4 (#23)
4.8 (#13) Yards/Rush 7.4 (#31)
90 (#1) 3rd % decrease 20 (#2)
100 (#1) Red zone TD % 66.67 (#18)
4 (#31) Turnover 2 (#6)
2 (#15) Bags 5 (#1)


Titans O Statistics (ranking) D-bills
20 (#17) Points/GM 10 (#5)
0.333 (#20) Points/Play 0.152 (#6)
359 (#16) Yards/Gm 243 (#2)
266 (#10) Pass Yards/Gm 191 (#7)
93 (#15) Rush Yards / Gm 52 (#1)
6.0 (#9) Yards/game 3.7 (#2)
8.1 (#3) Yards/Pass 4.7 (#4)
3.6 (#22) Yards/Rush 2.9 (#6)
27.27 (#26) 3rd % decrease 46.15 (#23)
66.67 (#11) Red zone TD % 50.00 (#12)
1 (#9) Turnover 3 (#3)
1 (#8) Bags 7 (#2)


Why Invoices Can Cover the Gap

Last year’s Bills finished in the top five in pass attempts (655) and the plays came under OC Brian Daboll. Continuity with new OC Ken Dorsey didn’t prove to be an issue in Week 1, as Buffalo scored 31 points against the defending Super Bowl champions. Stefon Diggs looks positioned for extreme volume again in Week 2, having produced the 8/122/1 receiving line in Week 1. Diggs’ role is so secure after Cole’s off-season departures Beasley and Emmanuel Sanders. Including the playoffs, Diggs has averaged 9.8 targets per game since joining the Bills. Gabriel Davis registers as the Bills every No. 2 receiver in a pass-first. Davis has played 65% or more of Buffalo’s offensive snaps in 14 career games, including the playoffs, with a combined receiving line of 50/816/11.

The Titans’ secondary is extremely exposed, coming off a 2021 season where they finished in the top 10 in most passing yards and receiving yards allowed. The Bills were the only team besides the Chiefs to win their opener by more than three scores, and it looks like Vegas expects them to win by multiple scores for the second week in a row.

Why Titans Can Cover The Spread

Buffalo misses top CB Tre’Davious White (ACL, reserve/PUP) and can only get limited doses of SS Jordan Poyer (elbow). Regardless of personnel, Sean McDermott’s zone system tends to stifle opposing pass production, which shouldn’t affect how Tennessee wants to play as a first team.

While the Titans struggled to stop the run against the Giants last week, there should be no cause for concern as the Bills don’t have lethal running backs and don’t have the intention to obtain too rapid a production. The way these 2 teams play allowed the Titans to play in their strength to ride Derrick Henry. In last year’s meeting with the Bills, the Titans won 34-31. Henry ran all over Buffalo totaling 143 rushing yards.

Reasons to bet more

In addition to ranking in the top 10 in yards per play, top five in total yards and top three in scoring in 2021, the Bills have averaged the third-most adjusted overtime plays per game. Buffalo kicked off the first down with a league-leading 63% clip. The Bills were also top of the league in pace and success rate in 2020, and there’s little reason to expect them to change their approach now, although they should control the script. of the game in almost every game they play as a heavy favorite. Buffalo fielded the eighth-fastest offense, with the seventh-highest completion rate, while leading by at least two touchdowns last year. The draft of RB pass catcher James Cook is further proof that the Bills have no intention of dropping the game. If the Titans fall behind in this game, they will be forced to drop out of the run and throw more. The Titans’ games as double-digit underdogs since 2010 have gone over the score in five of eight games.

Reasons to bet the bottom

The clear plan for Titans HC Mike Vrabel heading into this game will be to control the clock and feed RB Derrick Henry. If the Titans see success on the field, they’ll burn a lot of clock, limiting the Bills’ potential to run a lot of plays. Bills’ games as double-digit favorites under coach Sean McDermott since 2017 have gone under in six of those nine contests.


Buffalo appears to be playing with a little chip on its shoulder, indicating they won’t let go of the throttle in any game they play in 2022. The Titans are at least two scores behind Buffalo. That’s a big number to swallow, but playing at home convinced me the Bills would cover that 9.5.

WPXI at Air Steelers-Browns Thursday Night Football Game Sat, 17 Sep 2022 15:10:03 +0000

The Pittsburgh Steelers game against the Cleveland Browns on Thursday, September 22 will be broadcast locally by WPXIChannel 11.

The NFL’s “Thursday Night Football” package has moved exclusively to streaming video provider Amazon for 2022 as part of a $1 billion-a-year rights package that extends through 2033. are available only to Amazon Prime Video subscribers nationwide.

As part of the deal, Amazon must select a local broadcast partner for each team so local fans can watch the game for free and live. WPXI won the bid to broadcast the Steelers’ Week 3 game at Cleveland, the only time this season they are scheduled to appear on Thursday Night Football.

“WPXI is thrilled to bring Thursday night’s Steelers game locally to the best football fans in the league,” said Kevin Hayes, WPXI General Manager and Vice President. “Our team is also committed to providing exclusive local pre-game and post-game coverage.

WPXI’s locally produced pre-game and post-game shows will also be available on the station’s streaming app, WPXI Now.

The station also regularly airs Steelers appearances on “NBC Sunday Night Football”. The Steelers are currently scheduled to appear twice on Sunday Night Football this season, October 23 against the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium and November 20 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Thursday night’s kickoff is scheduled for 8:15 p.m. from FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland. Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit will have the call of the game.

The Steelers started their season 1-0 with a win over the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 1 and host the New England Patriots on Sunday. The Browns beat former quarterback Baker Mayfield and the Carolina Panthers on Sunday and will host the New York Jets on Sunday.

]]> Amazon is set to air its first “Thursday Night Football” game. Here is what will change Thu, 15 Sep 2022 22:33:00 +0000

CNN Business

Amazon is set to make its “Thursday Night Football” streaming debut, and it hopes to improve the streaming experience enough to keep viewers coming back.

The company will air its first-ever NFL game on Thursday, between two early-season Super Bowl favorites: the Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs. Pregame coverage is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. ET — as shown with a large banner and countdown timer on the main page of Amazon’s website. Kickoff is scheduled for 8:15 p.m. ET.

This is part of an agreement between Amazon

and the NFL announced in March of last year that the tech giant was securing exclusive rights to “Thursday Night Football” league games. The shows were originally scheduled to start in 2023, but have been later moved in the 2022 season.

Thursday’s game is the latest example of Amazon making big investments to become a streaming destination. This will likely be the first time many viewers will tune into Amazon Prime Video rather than traditional cable or broadcast channels to watch a game. (Fans in the teams’ respective cities will still be able to watch the game on TV.)

Amazon is adding multiple layers to the viewing experience to convince fans that this is the future of sports streaming.

Viewers will have real-time access to what the NFL is calling Next Generation Stats, which use machine learning to help predict metrics like pass completion and rushing yards. Amazon said it will also integrate its X-Ray feature, which provides viewers with additional context about what’s on screen.

Amazon also tapped broadcaster Charissa Thompson and former NFL players Richard Sherman, Tony Gonzalez and Ryan Fitzpatrick to host pregame, halftime and postgame analysis, as well as the prominent announcer Al Michaels and longtime ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit to call the games.

Additionally, Amazon is partnership with the rating agency Nielsen to measure viewership of games on Prime Video, a first for any streaming service.

One thing that remains the same, however, is the ball. A promotional video had shown NFL stars throwing a new, differently shaped “main ball,” but the actual game ball won’t change.

Museum exhibit focuses on Paul “Bear” Bryant’s last football game Wed, 14 Sep 2022 02:05:01 +0000

In December 1982, kids flocked to the arcade and played a new video game called Pac-Man. Music fans walked into record stores and bought Michael Jackson’s just-released “Thriller” album. And in Washington, DC, the president introduced his new program, Reaganomics, in hopes of easing the country’s recession.

As people said hello to plenty of new stuff nearly 40 years ago, the college football world in general and Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in particular, were preparing to say goodbye to a legendary coach, Paul W. “Bear.” Bryant.

A new exhibition at Paul W. Bryant Museum on UA ​​campus focuses on Dec. 29, 1982, when Bryant led the Crimson Tide onto the football field for his final game as coach in a 21-15 win over the University of Illinois in front of a sold-out crowd of 54,123. at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Tennessee.

Olivia Arnold, director of the Bryant Museum, said the museum is always looking for new historical insights into Bryant’s legacy and the 40th anniversary of his last game provides such an opportunity.

September 13, 2022;  Tuscaloosa, AL, USA;  A new exhibit inside the Bryant Museum shows artifacts from legendary Alabama coach Paul

“It was a big enough milestone that we wanted to commemorate it. Any kind of anniversary is an opportunity to show how Coach Bryant’s legacy is still there,” she said.

The exhibit includes video highlights from the game, Liberty Bowl programs and ticket stubs, the Liberty Bowl trophy, two special editions of The Tuscaloosa News commemorating Bryant’s final game, and the shoe that UA player Peter Kim used to score an extra run which turned out to be the last run scored by a team coached by Bryant.