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Saturday was Currie’s first game of the season and it was said early on that they were struggling for the players, while North suffered a few injuries in last week’s game. But both teams faced enough players to take the field in their own right. Currie got off to a good start scoring the first two goals with good team play from center and field. North was pushing the ball forward but couldn’t capitalize on forward movement until Currie’s Anthony Papastatis got caught with the ball and started showing off some of his football skills, which caused him to earned a penalty of 50 yards. This saw North pitch his first for the game and followed it quickly with his second from another free before Currie moved in and gave one just before the quarter to see them increase by five points. quarter-time. The second quarter was a bit fiery and a few skirmishes broke out with the refs doing a good job of keeping things under control. Currie was playing well and kicked three points for the quarter against North who saw them come in at halftime with a 19-point lead. North did better in the third quarter to see them hit three for the quarter against two for Currie. ALSO IN SPORT North got a chance to give another one up when Keenan Fanning scored just outside the square on the siren but his kick was left to be desired as he missed everything which made it difficult for him to kick things off. saw North enter the Lemons just nine points behind. Until now, the game had been a close competition with the Summers brothers, Jeremy and Justin, giving North a lot of training on the field, while for Currie, Ryan Philbey and Jack Worrel were real workhorses for them. on the ground and in the ruck. Currie was able to add to their score with a nice goal in Campbell Keeler for their third of the game to see them win their first game of the season by 15 points, 9.6 (60) to 6.9 (45) in what was an entertaining game. .



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