CVTC students prepare pre-game meal for Memorial football team

CLEAR WATER (WQOW) – There are 80 students enrolled in the CVTC Culinary Management program.

“In the Culinary Management program in particular, we are a two-year program and that’s divided into four semesters, with the first semester learning the basic skills and then moving up from there,” said Melissa Tok, teaching assistant at CVTC’s culinary management program. .

Inside the kitchen, the students of the first semester work in pairs.

“Everyone supports us and wants us to succeed. It’s not like you come to class thinking you’re going to fail,” said Miranda Smith, culinary management student at CVTC.

“We teach the Culinary Institute of America curriculum, which is primarily French cuisine or the basics of cooking. Tuesday and Thursday is when these students are in our lab, and they learn so many skills by learning to know their knives, in the first week, until now we are preparing recipes, ”Tok said.

Starting this year, first semester Culinary Management students work together to help prepare the Memorial High School football team’s weekly pre-game meal.

“Chief Brown and I each have a son who recently graduated from Memorial High School, and they were both part of the football program last year. We wanted to be able to help in any way we could. people who are not as lucky as others, and [we wanted] to make sure they get that quality meal, and it’s prepared not just for them, but prepared for them by their peers, so to speak. It was just something that we knew we could get on board with and do a really good job of, ”Tok said.

“We feel the support of our community every day, and we hope we give that support back to them. We get a nice dinner every Thursday, and it’s out of the loving kindness of others,” said Rob Scott, Memorial’s coach in football leader.

“[CVTC and the Memorial football team] work together collaboratively. CVTC provides the meal, works out a bit and the kids get a great, healthy home-cooked meal, ”said Athena Moseler, a Memorial Football parent.

“It’s fun to know that you are helping the community, especially with the things that we’ve been going through as a whole community over the past two years,” Smith said.

“If you can feed the world, you can do anything, and that’s really what we’re teaching here. We instill that in these students by coming every day and going from the basics to making a five-course meal. at the end of the semester, ”Tok said.

Tok said the program enjoys helping in any way it can in the community and is ready to help other schools, as long as it fits their curriculum and schedule. The cost of food is based on the number of students served.

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