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There is one league in the United States – the National Football League or better known as the NFL. As with basketball, there is the NCAA Football College Championship, which compares teams from all colleges in America, which are divided into conferences and divisions.

We will be focusing on the NFL as college football is difficult to watch due to many games. The NFL football season starts with 4 preseason games and ends with the Super Bowl, one of the most watched sporting events of the year, usually in early February.

betting on american football

Learn more about the game

The regular season consists of 16 games for each team, divided into 17 rounds (each team rests in one of the rounds – this is called a bye week). Thirty-two teams in the league are divided into 2 conferences – AFC and NFC, and each conference has 4 divisions. The teams that finished 1st in each of the divisions and the 2nd teams in the conference, which have the most points of all the other teams, continue in the playoffs – this is called the wild card. Some teams are more popular than others and often use content marketing to promote themselves.

The teams ranked 1st and 2nd among the 4 champions of each division benefit from a break during the first week of the playoffs, and the teams ranked 3rd and 4th meet the teams 6th and 5th, placed with a joker. The teams in the first 2 places are also the hosts of the next matches – in the playoffs (except in the superbowl), the team still welcomes them with a higher position heading into the playoffs.

Thus, 2 teams must remain on the principle of elimination – the winners of the playoffs in the two conferences, NFC and AFC, who meet at the Super Bowl to determine the NFL champion and winner of the Lombardi Trophy.

Betting opportunities
Handicap betting

Handicap bets are the most popular bet on american football because it’s similar to football and basketball – the favorite team receives a handicap with a negative sign (-) and the appropriate number of points which are “deducted”. After the match ends, the underdog has a handicap with a positive (+) sign and their points are added at the end of the match.

The points are always the same for both teams in the game – for example, the New England Patriots (-10.5) against the Miami Dolphins (+10.5). If the New England Patriots win 30-10, whoever bet on HC -10.5 wins the bet. The odds of this type of handicap range from 1.80 to 2.05.

The end result (Moneyline)

There are also markets for the end result, but in most cases the odds of favorites are low. This type of market is popular mainly in questionable games, the conference finals or the Super Bowl. The options are a win for the host or guest as draws are not in standard bets but are usually in a “special” game due to the rarity of this outcome. The odds are different and this market is analogous to the 1X2 market in world football.

Total points

The third popular market is the total number of points of the two teams. It represents the sum of the points that both teams earned during the match because LESS and MORE almost always have odds of 1.90 or 1.95.

The only variable is the “line” of points, and for each game it is different – in most cases between 35.0 and 55.0 (of course, there are games in which the “line” is less than 30 or greater than 55). By default, the total number of points is between 40.0 and 50.0 for matches. The rules for LESS and MORE in other sports also apply here.

Other types of bets

Less popular bets are bets on team points, win difference, first team to 10, 20, 30… and at half time. Additionally, some of the bookmakers offer betting for certain matches and for individual performance – most yards run, most yards passed and most yards passed. These markets are extremely unpopular and are only intended for the most demanding players.

To summarize

Even though American football is not as popular outside of North America, there are still excellent betting opportunities. Learning more about the game and how it works could be a great opportunity to win.

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