Famous American football players who love to play

It is undeniable that American football and the game are linked. Dozens of events join these two activities. However, online casinos are also associated with American football on a personal level. Many famous athletes prefer to spend their weekends and off-season time playing games with their friends or venturing out to Las Vegas when they have the time. We can hardly blame them as it is an entertaining activity. Also, most athletes are looking for the privacy and security that you can get through online casinos. Online websites also have other bonuses starting with free spins for $1 Canada and other perks like a wide variety of payment and security options. Since online sites with bonuses and free spins are becoming more and more popular, we decided to take a closer look at the lives of athletes who love to gamble. Why are American footballers so fascinated by gambling? This is a specific question that we will answer today.

Why Athletes Love Online Casinos

Let’s start by saying that football has always been linked to gambling. The presence of land-based and online casinos has only amplified the popularity of sports and brought even more profit to this particular sphere. Here we are not only talking about traditional card games or slot machines but also about sports betting. Many famous athletes opt for sports betting when it is off season and if they are fascinated by other sports, apart from American football. So let’s look at your favorite athletes who can’t go a month without playing.

John Elway

John Elway is our first Athlete of Interest. He is a famous quarterback who continues to win the Super Bowl. Obviously, when everyone wants to know more about him and how he spends his time. Apparently, the answer is relatively simple. When you’re one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, you want to spend your time with fun and money. Hence, he is one of the most famous athletes who spends his weekends in Las Vegas and constantly gambles online. We are sure he can really afford it and even double his earnings. After all, he makes millions and millions of dollars from his games.

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is one of the greatest players in NFL history. He started playing when he was little and continued his journey into adulthood. Now you can hardly find a person who has not heard of him. Naturally, building on his success, he also ventured into the world of online gambling and the profits associated with it. His favorite game is poker, like many other athletes in his sphere. After all, this particular game is not only exciting, but is often associated with bigger prizes. You can usually find him among other soccer players and celebrities, enjoying a very competitive and entertaining game. However, we can also bet that it enjoys the privacy of many other online casinos.

Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman is a name you hear often in association with the NFL. If you’ve never heard of him before, he’s a San Francisco cornerback who’s been involved in the sport for over a decade. In the more than 10 years that he has been playing this particular sport, he has gained considerable net worth. Where does he spend all this money? Sherman loves to gamble and make time for Las Vegas. He is also known to bet big and place large bets, especially in horse racing and dog fighting where it is legal. A story is circulating that he wants that $15,000 for a basketball game on a random college team. However, there is no information on whether he lost or recovered his money. He earns around $2 million a year, and we’re sure that’s enough money to have fun with the game while being responsible.

Michael Vic

Michael Vick is yet another famous name on our list. He can be just as successful at the Super Bowl as he is playing online games. He started his career when he was just in high school and continued to make his way to Super Bowl games. Now everyone recognizes his success and praises his skills. However, he is undoubtedly a fan of gambling and sports betting. In a way, we can say that his career as a player is almost as famous as that of a footballer. Nevertheless, it is one of the examples of how gambling can still be a dangerous sport. Michael Vick has been arrested multiple times while fleeing a dogfighting ring. That night he caused several injuries to one of the dogs and made many questionable decisions. Now he is out of trouble and continues to play, but more responsibly. He hasn’t been involved in any scandals for a very long time, especially regarding his playing days.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the last person on our list, but it’s not the least. He is an incredibly famous quarterback with a Impressive NFL Resume. He has won the Super Bowl at least five times and continues to impress people with his passion and dedication to the sport. Is he a big fan of gambling? Our answer is positive. He has been spotted playing traditional slot machines several times at resorts and casinos, particularly in Connecticut. He spent several of his birthdays in Las Vegas, surrounded by booze and giant bets. However, he has never been involved in any gambling scandal. Looks like he knows how to play and how to win. Some workers even noticed that he won several jackpots on his birthday. Tom Brady is also a player who likes to play during his holidays and even during the season. He can be seen in several casinos in Louisiana, Rhode Island and other famous locations. Therefore, we can easily conclude that he prefers blackjack to any other game and does not necessarily bet on sports.

Final Thoughts

In short, many famous athletes spend quality time playing. The majority of them do it responsibly and avoid massive publicity around it. Some have been implicated in several scandals and held accountable for their actions. Nevertheless, gambling is often associated with high stakes and high money. However, this does not mean that you cannot follow in the footsteps of your favorite athlete and win a real jackpot. After all, gaming is also about community and fun. Therefore, we recommend trying your hand at blackjack or Southern machines, but remember to always gamble responsibly. That way, you might as well meet Tom Brady, especially if you happen to be in Louisiana.

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