Fantasy Football 2022 Team Previews: Analysis of the NFL’s 32 Teams | Fantasy Football News, Rankings and Screenings

Most of the NFL’s offseason is over from a roster turnover perspective. The coaching changes are fixed, the 2022 NFL Draft have come and gone and there are just a few significant NFL Free Agents remaining on the open market after most of the new agreements signed in March.

There will inevitably be more player transactions throughout the summer and season, but now is a better time than ever to focus on the fantasy football aspirations of each team in the league. This landing page will be updated over the next eight weeks with fantasy football clips breaking down the following for all 32 teams:

  • Coaching changes
  • Off-season transactions
  • Quarterback Aspirations
  • Roll back workload expectations
  • Wide receiver pecking order
  • Tight receiving potential

To verify The PFF Fantasy Football Podcast for additional thoughts on each team of myself and Dwain McFarland.

AFC East

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New England Patriots: Expected May 17

Miami Dolphins: Expected May 18

New York Jets: Expected May 19

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys: Expected May 23

Philadelphia Eagles: Expected May 24

Washington Commanders: Expected May 25

New York Giants: Expected May 26

AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals: Expected May 30

Pittsburgh Steelers: Expected May 31

Cleveland Browns: Expected June 1

Baltimore Ravens: Scheduled for June 2

NFC North

Green Bay Packers: Scheduled for June 6

Minnesota Vikings: Scheduled for June 7

Chicago Bears: Scheduled for June 8

Detroit Lions: Scheduled for June 9

AFC South

Tennessee Titans: Scheduled for June 13

Indianapolis Colts: Scheduled for June 14

Houston Texans: Scheduled for June 15

Jacksonville Jaguars: Scheduled for June 16

NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Expected June 20

New Orleans Saints: Scheduled for June 21

Atlanta Falcons: Scheduled for June 22

Carolina Panthers: Expected June 23

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs: Expected June 27

Las Vegas Raiders: Expected June 28

Los Angeles Chargers: Scheduled for June 29

Denver Broncos: Expected June 30

NFC West

Los Angeles Rams: Expected July 4

Arizona Cardinals: Expected July 5

San Francisco 49ers: Expected July 6

Seattle Seahawks: Expected July 7

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