FIFA 23 is always more inclusive: learn women’s football

After having had the opportunity to explain the FIFA 23 test to you, this year Electronic Arts has decided to be more inclusive than ever, giving greater importance to women’s football, which has grown so much in recent years, even in the Bel Paese . If the stadiums in the United States and Europe are full of people, in Italy the last World Cup contested by the Azzurre brought the general public closer to coach Milena Bertolini’s team. A success that had raised great hopes for Euro 2022, won again after a series of performances not for all the players of the nation (a single point won against France, Iceland and Belgium). After a long apprenticeship, women’s football is also well received there. For a long time, the good performances of our local football teams in Europe have led to great popularity on television and the arrival of global brands in the promotion of sports like the World Cup and the Champions League (where more than 90% of spectators watched the match at Camp Nou) did the rest. The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) established in 2015 that every men’s professional club registered in the Serie A championship must have a women’s team. Only one learned that women’s football in Italy has officially changed from amateur to professional status since July 1, 2022. Finally, Sara Gama, Cristiana Girelli, Barbara Bonansea, all other Italian players will have the chance to play only football without having to worry about another job.

Women’s football is booming.

To accompany the turning point of the professional movement, the FIGC itself reduced the women’s Serie A championship to ten teams and offered a professional contract with a minimum salary equal to those of the players who join the Serie C players, and a set economic protection. including from maternity to social security. In the United States, a national football team reached another historic milestone in the fall of 2022: equal pay.

After winning the battle against the American Soccer Federation, Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan will pay the same as the men’s team in all friends and tournaments they enter (and club teams are another matter). Since UEFA ranked the best teams in terms of top five, we currently find the success of Olympique Lyon closely followed by Barcelona, ​​Wolfsburg, Bayern München, Chelsea and Manchester City while Fiorentina are third and Juventus . The best French players are Lyon and Barcelona. The best player in the world is Alexia Putellas, who shares the podium with congratulations from FIFA 23 Sam Kerr and Vivianne Miedema. The “stars and stripes” team led by Catarina Macario takes first place in the national team, followed by Sweden, France, the Netherlands and Germany. Brazilian superstar Marta slipped to ninth place while the Azzurre occupied fourteenth place.

Footballers to fight virtual football.

The popularity of women’s soccer has given women a chance to leapfrog the sport of video games. This means women – football is becoming popular. The first thing in the world was to get the most out of the game to act on the game.

For the first time in history, on FIFA 16, we were able to play with some of the most famous footballers in the world (don’t forget twelve national teams including ours). This addition allows EA to increase sales of the series directly in the North American continent where the successes obtained by the female stars and stripes have had a better sounding board than those obtained by their male counterparts. A program that repeats itself with FIFA 19: in the Journey mode, we had the chance to discover the story of Kim Hunter, footballer and young promise of American women’s football (played by Lisa Solberg) in the interview. Hunter also appeared in FIFA 18: she was the sister of Story Mode protagonist Alex Hunter. The players rejoiced and suffered with young Kim and helped her pursue her dream of a World Cup (click here for our special on the FIFA 19 trip). In FIFA 22, the developers decided not to relaunch the story mode but added a possibility to create a female character directly in the historical Pro Club.

Sam Kerr

Since the highly anticipated release of FIFA 23, the North American giant has chosen as testimonies Sam Kerrstriker of Chelsea Women and the Australian national team (of which she is currently the top scorer and holder of a series of records) who is looking for a new name for Kylian Mbappe in the final edition.

This is a historic first. Steph Catley, Alex Morgan and Christine Sinclair have been cast as FIFA 16 testimonials for the Australian, US and Canadian versions; Sam Kerr, meanwhile, will be on the cover of Le Monde editions. EA has been working to make player movements more realistic using the HyperMotion animation system (if you wanted to know more, be sure to come to the special on FIFA 23 and Hypermotion 2). The Barclays Women’s Super League and D1 Arkema, respectively, and the women’s versions of the Premier League and Ligue 1, have also been added. Our Serie A is not there at the moment. And for the first time in FIFA history, players can participate in both men’s and women’s World Cups, which will take place next summer in Australia and New Zealand, for the men’s and women’s world games. They are offered as additional content.

There is another football game.

The Football Manager series is also about women’s football: Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactives deus ex machina has repeated this a few times. The development team has now jumped into virtual reality from Marotta, Massara, Pinto, but has yet to work in a miserable database. Sports Interactive strongly believes in equality; it takes time for a female football manager to be equal to a male manager.

It is not only necessary to adapt the 3D engine which simulates the match but also to develop a transfer market section completely different from that of the men, as well as to manage a varied number of problems (from injuries to pregnancies of footballers). Therefore, at the level of executive performance, Winning Streak Games / THQ Nordic, had proposed We are football, a football simulation that would rival Football Manager, had chosen the path of originality: among the many innovations that were proposed, there had the opportunity to play in the women’s championships. Konami, on the other hand, seems afflicted with the charm of female footballers; in the historical series and in the new eFootball there is no trace of Seger, Kerr, Putellas and company. Obviously, for now, the rights to the Women’s World Cup belong to EA.

Other sports include tennis, playing with animals.

2K Games has been trying for several years to give women’s sport the right weight: a dozen players have appeared in NBA 2K20 from 2019 and an NBA 2K21 player has had the chance to give a player a myplayer. Finally, last year, Candace Parker appeared on the TV cover of The Los Angeles Policeman – NBA 2K22. In WWE, Becky Lynch, on the other hand, became the first female wrestler in history to appear on WWE cover.

Since the beginning of this new millennium, the most famous titles are the top spin series, Virtua Tennis, Grand Slam Tennis and Smash Court Tennis). Many WTA stars such as Maria Sharapova, Venus Williams, Ana Ivanovic, Serena Williams, Justine Henin or Steffi Graf have camped many famous names. Anna Kournikova had a game on the first PlayStation, Anna Kournikovas Smash Court Tennis allowed you to play with other world tennis queens of that period, such as Martina Hingis, Monica Seles or Lindsay Davenport.

In short, sports simulations have become in recent years a land of convergence for athletes. EA’s integrative turn is an important signal to the entire gaming world. The foreseeable worldwide success of FIFA 23 will give an even greater voice and visibility to the women’s movement: the path to achieving gender equality is long, but with a human ball it is much easier. The feeling is that the approach taken by EA is the right one.

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