Flagstaff and Coconino take different stakes in rival football game | Local

So, there is a lot of excitement on both sides.

“I think it’s probably the most energetic I’ve seen them all year, to be honest. They know what’s at stake, in this game you don’t have to create energy for them, ”Coconino coach Mike Lapsley said during practice Thursday.

“This is definitely what has been going all season,” said Weidinger. “It will probably be one of our biggest challenges of the season so we look forward to it.”

Coconino and Flagstaff both played well defensively throughout the season, with occasional gaps against tough opponents. Both teams expect this to continue on Friday. However, even though both showed flashes of grandeur, the infractions were inconsistent.

Coconino scored 31 points against a stingy Lake Havasu team, including four touchdowns by junior running back Cooper French, but returned the ball too many times and was hampered by penalties. Meanwhile, the high-powered offense Flagstaff boasted of at the start of the season has fallen to earth, and the Eagles haven’t scored more than one touchdown in each of their last four games.

Manning said the Eagles need to find ways to end their practices with scores, rather than getting in their own way with penalties and interceptions.

“Offensively, we have to finish, finish third, finish in the red zone. That’s what has plagued us all year, ”Manning said.

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