Footage emerges of a massive brawl at an indoor American football game involving fans and players

A football game in an arena in Texas between the West Texas Warbirds and the Dallas Prime saw a “Malice in the Palace” type brawl between the two teams and the fans in the stands.

A fan in the crowd went into full professional wrestling and took a folding chair to the back of a Prime player’s head as the teams walked off the field after the match – the results of which have not yet been announced. been reported amidst the chaos. Below you can see the start of the fight between the Warbirds, Prime and the fans present at the time:

SHOCKING: An ugly scene tonight as a fight broke out between the West Texas Warbirds and the Dallas Prime at the end of their indoor football game. In this video you can see players entering the stands and fighting with fans. It is not known if anyone was injured or arrested.

Warbirds president Leif Kertis called the incident “embarrassing, regrettable and inexcusable”, in a statement to the Midland Reporter’s Telegrambut also said he was ‘confident that once the details emerge many things will be clarified’, confirming that ‘at this time no Warbirds players, coaches or staff are under investigation’ .

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Kertis shed light on those in the Permian Basin in his statement, focusing specifically on the children who were present during this unprecedented brawl in American football:

“No matter where fault, blame or guilt lies, we owe the people of the Permian Basin an apology. You should never worry about your or your child’s safety when playing our games.

“We are taking appropriate steps to mitigate any possibility of respawns in future seasons by working with the Colosseum and ECSO on enhanced proactive measures as well as response management.”

According to KOSA, the CBS affiliate in Odessa, the fight lasted 10 minutes, making it one of the longest fights between fans and players in football history, he said. Outkick’s Joe Kinsey.

American football fans have gone viral in 2021 for constantly fighting in the stands

American football fans returned to the stadiums in 2021, after an off season in 2020 in most cities, fists in the air ready to fight. There have been countless occasions where fans have fought in the stands over the past year.

During the Buccaneers-Eagles NFC Wild Card Round game last January, a “Birds” fan provoked a group of Bucs fans to run away and demanded another Eagles fan take several punches in the face.

An Eagles fan starts fighting, runs away and blows up his buddy.

Heinz Field was the site of another fight, this one involving a Ravens fan throwing a beer in the face of a Steelers fan.

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While passion and energy are expected in American football fans, violence can hardly be justified. That’s why a lot of people would like spectators to enjoy the game and not argue. .

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