Football Association of Wales: Angela van den Bogerd leaves after Ford’s exit

Angela van den Bogerd quit her job at the post office last year

Angela van den Bogerd has left the Football Association of Wales (FAW) following the departure of managing director Jonathan Ford.

BBC Wales Sport has learned that Van den Bogerd, who was appointed FAW Chief of Staff in 2020, has not extended his probationary period.

The FAW declined to comment, but confirmed his departure.

Van den Bogerd is a former director of the Post.

In 2020, she was recognized by a judge for having “obscured” and “misled” a court after testifying in hearings between the Post Office and former deputy postmasters wrongly suspected of stealing from money.

The appointment of Van den Bogerd was one of the issues raised in a vote of no confidence in Ford adopted by the ruling FAW council on Monday, February 22.

Initially, BBC Wales Sport was informed that Ford was on gardening leave. On March 9, the FAW confirmed he would step down on March 31, although it is understood that he has already left the organization after 11 years.

Van den Bogerd’s position seemed untenable following Ford’s departure.

Sources close to the FAW said its ruling council voted to recommend terminating Van den Bogerd’s job in a recent meeting over discomfort over his past job at the post office.

Although Van den Bogerd is not officially due to leave until the end of March, it is understood that she has already left.

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