Football Association of Wales unveils six-year plan to make Wales football’s premier nation

Noel Mooney was named the new CEO of the Football Association of Wales in August 2021

The Football Association of Wales (FAW) has launched a new six-year strategy designed to make Wales a leading football nation.

“Our Wales” aims to increase participation, improve facilities and increase success on the pitch.

“There is so much support in Wales for football,” Managing Director Noel Mooney said when the plan was launched.

“Now is the time to align our resources to become one of the great footballing nations in the world.”

The goal of the strategy for 2021-2026 is to ensure continued growth of football in Wales, with greater inclusion and accessibility.

The FAW says it is clearly striving to reach 120,000 registered footballers, to double the size of women’s and women’s football and to ensure that grassroots facilities are developed in line with these goals.

A particular priority on the gender imbalance is to see the FAW working with partners across Wales to “ensure that the women’s game has the platform to reach its potential”.

Mooney is looking to improve the game’s basic infrastructure and ensure there are clear pathways to the country’s senior teams for the stars of the future.

“We aim for excellence on and off the pitch, where Welsh football and the FAW are synonymous with high performance,” he said.

“We have identified six strategic pillars and we will provide them with our partners to create a happier, healthier and more prosperous Wales.

“Despite the great love of football in Wales, this is clearly not reflected in our basic facilities, which need to be improved, and FAW, along with our partners, will need to show leadership and courage to achieve the standards that we need.”

The FAW launched its latest strategy in 2015.

Since then, the men’s national team qualified for the final of the European Championship for the first time, reaching the semi-final of Euro 2016. They then moved on from the group stages to Euro 2020. after reaching the tournament for the second time in a row.

Welsh women have never made it to the finals of a major tournament. They missed out on a play-off spot at the 2021 European Championships due to a lower record against Northern Ireland due to away goals, but won their first two group matches in qualifying for the 2023 World Cup.

Steve Williams, President of FAW, said: “We have the vision, but we cannot go it alone. Our strategy is called ‘Our Wales’ and means we need partners like the Welsh Government, Sport Wales, local authorities and businesses to work together to help usher in an era for Wales as a premier football nation.

“Wales, like everywhere, is on the road to recovery from the coronavirus. If we are to rebuild better, people’s health and well-being is an integral part of it, and that means making sure everyone is able to participate in our country’s favorite sport in their region as well as nationally.

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