Football team drops to 0-3 for the season

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The Owls football team played the Pace University Setters on Friday and it was late in the 4e trimester. The Owls lost 27-0, but little did they know their biggest game was yet to come.

With just over 3:30 to go, freshman quarterback Thomas Goldsborough, hands the ball to second-year running back Jordan Davis on third down and one. Desperate to move the sticks and keep the player alive, Davis bounces him out as Pace’s defense crashes down the middle.

With no defenders in sight, he turns on the jets. 20…10…5…touchdown then Davis and the Owls are on the board.

“Our team running backs, we’re all special,” Davis said. “We could all be something.”

To go along with Davis, sophomore Diante Wilson had six carries for 20 yards, and junior Ryan Soules had 17 rushing yards. Additionally, senior wide receiver Tylon Papallo had four catches for 56 yards.

Going into the game, the Owls were 0-2, losing games to two tough opponents at Shepard University and the University of New Haven. Adding a third loss to their record disappointed many players, including Davis.

“You never want to suffer a defeat, regardless of the outcome at the end,” Davis said.

Along with Davis’ big touchdown, the defense also played well. The Owl defense was on the field for nearly three quarters of the game, and they held Pace quarterback Carlton Aiken to less than 200 passing yards.

“I think there’s a lot to improve on, but I think our defense played our hearts out,” Owls junior Ben Eichman said. “We just have to make the little things count and capitalize on the little things.”

Eichman was a big key to success for the Owls defense because he was flying all over the field. As a result, he finished the game with two forced fumbles, and he led the Owls in tackles with 12.

Although Eichman had a good game, a defense doesn’t work well just because of one person. Junior inside linebacker Hassan Dominick added eight tackles, including a sack, and senior defensive end Cameron Kelly added another sack and two tackles.

“I feel like I played a good game, but at the end of the day we still lost, so that’s all that’s on my mind,” Eichman said.

The Owls offense couldn’t get much on the board other than Davis’ big touchdown which was the only score the Owls put on the board. The Owls ended up losing the game 27-7.

“The rhythm came out and played excellently in all phases of the match,” said head football coach Tom Godek. “They took advantage of some of our weaknesses.”

With the bulk of the season ahead of them, including much more in conference play, the Owls are looking to use the loss as motivation for future games.

“Obviously we don’t want to lose by three touchdowns,” Davis said. “It’s that chip on our shoulder that’s going to make us thrive and be better as a unit.”

Next week, the Owls travel to northern New Hampshire to play another NE10 conference game against Saint Anslem College. Going into the game, Saint Anslem is 2-0 undefeated, knocking out both Millersville University and American International College. In a game last year against Saint Anslem, the Owls won 34-31.

“There’s going to be a lot of work to do here before we have a really good Saint Anslem side next week,” coach Godek said.

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