Friday Night Lights: A Guide to American Football for Non-Americans

The offense is accused of advancing the ball 100 meters on the pitch in the end zone, while the defense is responsible for stopping them by tackling the person with the ball on the ground. The offense is awarded four tries or “games” to attempt to score. The action is not continuous in American football as it is in European football. After a team has made a play in an attempt to advance the ball, they are given a 40-second break to plan their next play. A play simply refers to the action on the field that the offense takes. go down the field. It starts with the ‘center’ which ‘sends’ the ball to the ‘quarter’ behind it and ends when the offense scores (rare) or is somehow foiled – that means being tackled in the backs. bounds, going out of bounds or throwing the ball out of bounds. Here is a table of typical football positions.

The two most reliable offensive ways of advancing the ball into the field are to either throw it or run it. On a running game, the quarterback (Jason Street or Matt Saracen in Friday night lights) will receive the snap and deliver it to a running back (Smash Williams or Tim Riggins) who tries to pass the ball upward while his teammates block for him. Alternatively, the quarterback can throw the ball to an open wide receiver as long as the throw is coming from behind the line of scrimmage (the area on the court where play began).

Four attempts to reach the end zone are rarely enough opportunities for the offense. Fortunately, this is where the “first tests” come in. If the attack advances 10 yards, their “tries” or attempts to score are reset to four. This is where terms like “1st and 10” or “2nd and 7” or “4th and 1” come from. The first number refers to the “down” or attempted attack (1, 2, 3 or 4) while the second number refers to the number of meters they must reach to achieve another first down. Due to penalties or a player tackled well behind the line of scrimmage (called a “sack” or “tackle for loss”), the number of yards required to reach a first down can exceed 10. Once in 2012, the Washington The football team even had a “3rd and 50” which meant they had to run 50 yards for a first try.

If the offense fails to score or obtain a first down while on the fourth down, possession of the ball is awarded to the other team at the same spot where the offense failed. This is called a “turnover on downs”. The team that was previously on offense will bring their defensive unit into play while the other team will bring their offensive unit. At the college and professional level, players typically only play on one “side” of the ball – attack or defense. In high school, where the level of talent is more uneven, it is not uncommon for multiple players to be on both offensive and defensive units. It doesn’t come back much to Friday night lights however – for the most part offensive players stay on attack and defensive players stay on defense.

It is possible for the defense to force a turnover by other means beyond a simple turnover on the downs. If the offense drops or “feels” the ball and the defense picks it up, it is theirs. If the defense catches a ball thrown by the attack, it is an “interception” and the attack suddenly becomes the defense and the defense suddenly becomes the attack. This situation plays an important role in Friday night lightfirst episode of.

The turnovers are horrendous, so the offense has a few tools to combat them. At any time during its movement across the field, the offensive player may choose to “kick” the ball. This means that if they’ve made it to the 4th down and they’re unlikely to convert a first down (if it’s 4th and 10 from their own 30-yard line for example), they can choose to bring on the field a specialist of the kicks called “bettor”. . The bettor receives the snap, throws the ball in the air and sends the ball far down the field to the other team to catch it and try to advance. This is a surrender of the offense, but at least they make it a little more difficult for the other offense by pushing the new offense further down the field. Pole shots are rarely taken into account Friday night lights because they are not particularly interesting.

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