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A great crowd gathered to see how fair Grassy and North would be in the hunt for premier honors this season. North won the toss and chose to kick the end of the tennis court which appeared to be the end of the score. Both teams were tough on the ball at the start, no apologies, the ball swaying up and down the floor a bit, with both back lines doing a good job of keeping themselves from scoring. Grassy opened the stalemate with the game’s opening goals before North leveled off and hit the next two. Grassy finished with the last goal of the quarter to see them gain six points in the quarter. Play at the start of the second quarter was just as tight as the first, with Grassy steadily advancing the ball but failing to secure a middle finger on the board. North was the first to score after a solid play, with Grassy responding later with a superb shot from the post. The North defense had worked hard to keep Grassy’s score at 1.6 for the quarterfinal because if Grassy had been able to convert some of those points into goals it could have been a much bigger lead than the nine points they had. at halftime. While the match was up for grabs at the start of the third quarter, the two teams tackled the ball again. North placed well and was rewarded with free kicks. Both teams had scoring opportunities but either missed everything or only shot points. Grassy managed to score the only goal of the quarterback to see them win 13 points at Lemons. With the crowd involved, North was able to move the ball forward and score to start the final quarter. Grassy was steadily advancing the ball, but again he couldn’t finish his good job until finally donning his straight boots and scoring the next two goals. North finished the quarter with an easy goal but it wasn’t enough as Grassy ended up being our 2021 prime ministers by 19 points, 7.15 (57) to 5.8 (38), in what was the best grand finale we’ve seen in a long time. For Grassy, ​​Sukma Bowling had an excellent match with Jack Noseda, Leigh Sartori, Tyler Rhodes and Freddy Tatawaqa. For North, Ned Hunter was a powerhouse on the field, while Jeremy Summers, Beau Mullin, Keenan Fanning and Bailey Rainbow all had good games. The winner of the Jim Sartori medal for best player of the grand final was a tie between Bowling and Hunter, with the award presented by Sartori’s son Donald. In the Junior Grand Final won by Grassy, ​​the final margin of 92 points does not do the Currie / North team justice at all as they played much better than the score suggests, they just weren’t able to show it on the dashboard. . Their teamwork on the pitch was fun to see at times and their determination to fight to the end is a huge credit to them and their coach. Grassy has been the strongest team all season and showed it in the grand final to get a well-deserved victory. The Kevin Grave medal winner for best on floor in the grand final went to Tyler Hudson who had a great season for Grassy as he also won the Terry Perry medal.


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