Hacker Reveals a Never-Before-Seen American Football Skin

As seen on a fearless hacker playing Fortune’s Keep, Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone could quite possibly get a new NFL-themed American player skin.

Players flock to Fortune’s Keep in Call of Duty: Warzone season 4 to get the best and coveted loadouts golden key cards.

However, there’s still more to come, maybe even a classy American NFL-themed skin, as one avid Redditor noted.

Players can now experience a ton of all-new content in Warzone Season 4, including updates for Caldera and the brand new Fortune’s Keep card. No matter what type of card you want, everyone can find something enjoyable.

The Season 4 Battle Pass, which is full of rewards and cosmetics, has also added new content to the game. There will be other ways to get new skins besides the Battle Pass, because a Warzone pirate has indicated that a bundle with an American football theme could be coming.

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Hacker reveals never-before-seen football skin in Warzone

While some players may have their sights set on the Gold Horror Legendary Operator skin, one of Season 4’s prestigious Level 100 rewards, exciting new Warzone packs will also be added to the game during the season.

Even though the American NFL is now in its hiatus, it looks like Warzone players could enjoy some American football summer events. The post below shows how a Warzone hacker was able to get an unreleased Warzone skin.

While it’s impossible to predict when this American football skin will appear in Warzone, the fact that a hacker was able to obtain it suggests that it could happen soon.

With a jersey of the same hue, the skin in the leaked image complements the golden theme of the game nicely. The operator also wears gloves, cleats and a helmet in black and gold.

Keep an eye out for this American Football skin coming to Warzone during Season 4 before 2022 begins NFL pre-season Thursday, August 4, 2022.

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