How are the uniforms for the 2021 Army vs Navy football game? Are they for sale?

For the first time, MetLife Stadium hosts the Army vs Navy game, arguably the greatest annual tradition in college football. The Army-Navy game features this year’s custom uniforms, typically two of the greatest uniforms of the entire season, and they exceeded all expectations.

Not only are the uniforms smooth and sharp, but they also represent and recognize the military response of 9/11, with the game taking place near where the attacks took place in New York City.

And while football fans may be interested in purchasing these uniforms, they don’t seem to be sold anywhere.

Let’s take a look at what the two teams revealed for the 2021 competition.

First of all, the army:

The military has chosen to remember the soldiers of the US Army Special Forces Command, with a uniform that speaks for itself. Designed by Nike, the Black Knights jersey has a nameplate on the left that reads “De Oppresso Liber”, resulting in “From an oppressed man to a free man”, and an American flag on the right. On the back, the “road” jersey reads “United We Stand”.

Army Head Coach Jeff Monken spoke on how honoring the 9/11 attacks brought the nation together. “I think part of that is honoring the 9/11 attacks and each of the sites where we were attacked on our own soil and how we came together as a nation at that point in our history and how important it is that we continue to stand together, united as a country, but even more so, I guess, with a greater sense of community and recognizing the division we still have in our country that remains, ‘ ‘”… so I think that probably speaks to the spirit of our team and hopefully the spirit of this Academy, our United States military and our nation as a whole. ”

Second place, Marine:

For the 122nd meeting, the Navy chose to honor the F / A-18E / F Super Hornet fighter plane.

These uniforms are just something else. They don’t just emphasize American symbolism, but they also emphasize the most used the fighter plane in aircraft carrier aviation, “the rhinoceros”.

The Super Hornet is called “the rhino” because of its operational use; the jet has a rhino-like protrusion on the front of the plane.

The Navy helmet has the star logo on one side and the baby carrier on the other. On the back there are golden wings, and in the middle the helmet is divided in half with three bands of patriotism.

Home of the Giants and Jets, the Meadowlands in New Jersey will host a highly anticipated game. The army (8-3) comes first, because it has won four of the last five meetings, against the navy (3-8) including a 15-0 victory in the 2020 match.

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