How popular is American football in Europe


Like something, we want to know if what we like is popular in the rest of the world. And many American football fans want to clarify the question of the popularity of the sport in Europe. Sometimes it’s surprising to learn what Europeans think of American football, what they think of the NFL. We will help you get clarification on these issues. So let’s dive in!

Is it popular in Europe?

The answer is that American football is not very popular in Europe. People in this part of the world prefer soccer or rugby rather than the type of sport that North Americans love. But we must also add that American football is gaining popularity in Europe. This means that more and more people are interested in this type of sport. Employers perform all their duties on their job; students looking for a writing assistant, for example, write my article for me or for other services. They delegate their paperwork and spend time watching American football.

In addition, American football is the most popular North American sport in Europe.

What do Europeans think of American football?

Many websites give us controversial answers. Therefore, it makes sense to ask people on Reddit or Quora or speak with them in real life. The information you will see in this section of the article is based on the words of other people. So let’s dive in.

This game requires a lot of equipment

To play American football, people have to buy equipment. You need to spend your money on:

  • helmet;
  • shoulder pads;
  • Jersey;
  • crampons;
  • thigh and knee pads;
  • gloves

Europeans do not like to buy such equipment.

It’s similar to rugby

Some Europeans prefer rugby because it is a game similar to American football. Also, they like rugby more because it doesn’t stop every ten seconds, whereas in American football games can be interrupted for a foul more than once every five minutes or so.

Her rules are too hard

Many Europeans think that the rules of such a North American game are too difficult. Besides, they just don’t understand this game. So some of them laugh at American football.

This game is boring

Moreover, Europeans are sure that this game is boring. They call American football the slowest sport in the world. Some of them cannot watch the whole game, only its fragments. It is because “there are a lot of people who are not doing anything.” Some even say that it is more interesting to watch how the paint dries.

Europeans love games when all the players are involved in the whole process. Therefore, they prefer their own football.

Many players do not touch the ball during play

In football, you have to run fast, be agile. But things are different when it comes to American football. This is because many players do not touch the ball during the game. This upsets Europeans, because they see football as a game where each player touches the ball.

This game is not the best solution if it is hot or cold

Likewise, Europeans think that playing this game is not a good idea when it is too hot or too cold. This is because this game is not continuous – it is a series of short pieces. As a result, you overheat when playing if it is hot and freeze between games when it is cold.

Also, this kind of sport is uncomfortable to play when wet because you don’t get traction.

But it’s gaining popularity

Although many Europeans think this game is the slowest and most boring event in the world, interest in such a North American sport is growing. We can make sure of this by exploring Statista, the website that provides users with various statistics, including sports.

We see that the Germans want to watch American football games more. For example, in 2014, only 1.53 million Germans were interested in American football. But let’s see the year 2020. 2.44 million people who live in Germany love this game and prefer to watch it.


Nine million Americans would like to live abroad and 1.5 million in Europe. Some Americans go to Europe and organize local North American sports teams. As a result, American cultural activities are spreading around the world. And it is clear that the more Americans there are in Europe, the more this type of sport is popular in this region.

Governance bodies

European countries care about migrants. Therefore, they can practice their favorite sports. For example, Germany has a governing body for American football. This is perhaps one of the reasons why this type of sport is gaining popularity in Germany than in other European countries.

The bottom line

As you can see, most Europeans do not understand the essence of American football. But there is no point in getting excited as many games are broadcast on TV, and more and more people are starting to realize that such a type of North American sport sounds interesting. Therefore, we can observe the process of promoting American football in Europe.


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