How to learn to play American football in a few days

To say that American football is a legendary game is to say nothing. This game is most popular in the United States and Canada, and more than 80 countries have official American football leagues. The total number of football fans exceeds 400 million. And the popularity of the sport continues to grow steadily. If you have decided to join the ranks of people who already play American football, you have made the right decision. Here we will not discuss your eligibility for professional leagues or assess your physical parameters – you are a beginner, and our task is to explain the basics of the game.

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American football may seem complicated, but that feeling will go away as soon as you get started and learn the basics. Don’t you think that several days are not enough to understand it? Follow the guide.

1. Learn the basic rules

Well, American football is a game where two teams are made up of 11 players each. The length of the field is 120 meters long and about 55 meters wide. The teams have 15 minutes to pass the ball into the opposing end zone. The end zone is a special area at each end of the field that is marked. At the start, the team must pass the ball 10 meters away. If the team fails to do so after four attempts (down), the ball is given to another team, and they do the same. Players can move the ball either by running with it and giving it to their teammates, or by simply passing it. Even though the number of field players in a team is 11, the entire team consists of 45 players. It may seem surprising, but any of the 45 players can participate in the game during the match.

2. Define the positions of the players

There are several playing positions in American football, and the position you take will depend on the current role of your team. If the team has the ball, they are playing the offensive, while the defense is the team that tries not to let the offensive team score the ball. Here we will simply list the positions of the players, and you will find more information on the internet to decide which position is best for you. The defensive positions are linebacker, cornerback, safety, defensive tackle and defensive end. The list of offensive positions is longer and includes quarterback, fullback, center, running back, tight end, left / right guard, left / right tackle and wide receiver.

3. Know the ways to score points

We mentioned that in order to score points, this team has to move the ball to the end zone. But it is necessary to broaden this assertion. When the ball reaches the end zone, the team gets 6 points. This way is called a touchdown. It is also possible to score 3 points by making a field goal, by kicking the ball into the end zone without touchdowns. Safety gives the defensive team 2 points in case they manage to stop the attacking player in their end zone. The team which can pass the ball into the end zone after the touchdown and which manages to not touch the uprights has scored 1-2 points called extra points.

4. Do physical exercises

Since you already know the basics necessary to start playing, what about your physical preparation? Soccer players are well trained and have tremendous stamina, and you can hardly brag about that when playing for the first time. Try to run more and do the general exercises to keep your muscles in shape. There are many specific drills for footballers: you can find them on the internet or ask footballers you know for advice. Remember that your main goal is to be able to run fast and for a long time.

5. Work on the basic elements of the flow of the game.

Before you start playing football to the max, you had better learn how to do the basic movements or elements. Make sure you know how to move the ball, try to make a touchdown and kick off. We also recommend that you play defense for a while. The more you practice, the faster you learn. Usually you can do it all in a few days. If you sincerely want to master the game, you will.

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