‘It was really sad’: in the tragic collapse of the American football alliance | Documentary film


“NS23-year-old filmmaker Stephen Potter talks about his new documentary, Alliance Broken. “I used and abused them. “

His film follows the rapid decline of the American Football League Alliance of American Football 2019. The film, as Potter describes it, presents a tragic tale of abusive greed, broken promises, and dreams that have been shattered.

“What the Alliance has done is give players who have left football the opportunity to show that they can play,” said Steve Sparia, Heisman Trophy winner, coach of the 2019 season. the conference room, dressed in the classic Spurrier football coach polo shirt, he explained the intention behind the league.[To] Said, “Hey, I can play this game! Give me a chance to play in the Big League! Was supposed to represent. Instead, it all erupted into a spectacular failure.

The Alliance of American Football (AAF), created by Charlie Ebersol, the son of sports broadcaster Dick Ebersol, was announced in March 2018 and started in February 2019. The first organization for elite athletes who can join or join the NFL. With eight teams in soccer-focused cities across the country, the league has sought to quantify player strength, allowing fans to bet on players in real time. NFL legends like former player Hines Ward, coaches like Steve Spire, football executives like Bill Polian and tech investors like Peter Thiel have come together at the AAF to build a reputation in the sports world. . I raised him. But all glory was short-lived.

At one of the first training camps, the players were excited and some were training at the hotel. They ended up practicing on a high school soccer field, and one player described it as “the worst field I have ever seen”. “It’s crazy to be so neglected, but these are world class athletes. They’re folks in the four- or five-year-old league, some of them. They are seasoned NFL veterans. And those who practice in this terrible field, they are expected to have this right attitude about it. But no. It’s unacceptable, ”the film said. Aaron Evans said. He’s a former AAF player when he shakes his head.

The players hoped things would improve. They did not do it. According to the subject of the film, Game 1 was a lucky success, surpassing the NBA rating, but league owner Eversol was reluctant to keep that momentum going. Olivia Liet, former director of group sales and tourism at Orlando Apollo, said:

As a recent film graduate, Potter created promotional material for the athletes of the AAF Orlando Apollo team and, as a result, sat in the front row of an impending disaster. It was clear to Potter that something was wrong, when he realized that the player who sold the game ticket and the front desk clerk were not being paid. “A lot of people left a team of experts primarily to work for AAF. When they sounded like “we’re not getting paid” I felt like “that’s kinda weird. did. On social media and TV shows, AAF was talking about all that money they had [how] They received this huge influx of money from Tom Dundon. Why don’t they pay people? “

The film tells the story of the league, which suffered from mismanagement, a half-truth of financial funding, declining ticket sales and interest, and a lack of overall forethought, and finally only three months after the inauguration season. Has ended. While many employees, salespeople, and gamers continued to pick up junk, large investors nonetheless continued to quietly collect payments. Potter felt the urge to speak.

“When the AAF ran out of money and things got messy, the main characters weren’t seen anywhere. They were a little gone. They were gone. Some players didn’t. [luggage]The day they were kicked out of the hotel, they left the hotel with their clothes in their trash bags because everything that belonged to the league was confiscated. This is because the bag, luggage and things in the hotel room have not been paid for. It was kind of free, ”Potter said.

With a budget of just $ 7,000 (college degree) and two friends and his car, Potter set out to make a film that captures the dark history of AAF’s collapse. The carpet tag team rotated from April 2019 to January 2020 when it was announced that the AAF would be disbanded. “I am in a wheelchair, so traveling is not that easy for me,” Potter said. So he and his two friends packed the van and went wherever the player could talk to the camera. “He really packed my friends in the car, took the gear we had, and just drove and pulled to take a nap in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Literally as much as independent cinema. is.”

Photo: 1091

Alliances Broken is put together as a humble sports documentary dealing with the trap of humility and arrogance, accompanied by a YouTube Stadium Vlog and commentary footage. However, Potter found it difficult to watch the film anywhere else. “A lot of people said no and a lot of people said, ‘Sounds good, but big names don’t like it and I don’t think it works for us,’ so that’s very disappointing. Well, 1091 photos signed up to distribute the film.

It was a similar opportunity that AAF players and staff were looking for and thought they had found at the Alliance of American Football. “We’ve all worked on this. We are all-in. To be a professional athlete, you have to be an all-in. You can’t just stand on your toes. Again, the neglect was really frustrating. It’s a good thing, ”Aaron Evans said onscreen.

The players did what they wanted, but their stints in the new league were caught in deception and neglect. “It’s more than football. It’s about what people are willing to do to help humanity and someone else’s vision, ”Potter told The Guardian. “Hundreds of employees worked for them in this league. Everyone bought for it. These guys, everyone who signed up to be in this league. It was really sad to see all the promises made to men and women and just to be thrown in their ass. It’s pretty sad. “

‘It was really sad’: in the tragic collapse of the American football alliance | Documentary film

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