“It’s a good football team that comes here”

ON McKENZIE BE AFTER WHEN HE WAS OFF FOR THE GAME OF SAINTS NOV. 25: “It’s natural that he was disappointed. I really loved the way he handled things going forward, controlling the parts he could control knowing his opportunity would present itself. It came and he did a great job.

FOURTH DOWN: GO TO 3-FOR-4 VS. NEW ENGLAND: “We had a few occasions where we wanted to try the fourth down. Then they performed well. These are important situations for us to perform. I was really happy to see the level of play in these situations.

ON BUFFALO FANS: “We like to play at home. We love to play in front of our fans. We are greeted at the airport, probably unlike any other team I have worked with. It’s quite special to see this outpouring of love and appreciation for the way the players have played. I really enjoyed it. It’s always special for us to play here in Buffalo.

ON FALCONS ROOKIE TIGHT END KYLE PITTS: “They seem to be using it in different ways. Move it in terms of formations and sometimes create shifts. It’s a puzzle anytime you have a player like that you need to defend and who can move around. It is a puzzle for you as a coach and coordinator.

ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF CULTURE IN ITS FIRST YEAR: “(General Manager) Brandon (Beane) and I wanted to come in and try to build a culture. Terry and Kim Pegula, our group of owners, gave us the green light to do so. Making sure the human part of the equation is as close as possible to where we wanted it to be as close as possible in that first year. These are not easy decisions and they are difficult situations because the livelihoods of the people are at stake and at stake there. It was an important point for us during this first season. “

ABOUT QB JOSH ALLEN INVOICES: “We’re just trying to take it a week at a time here. Every week is a new week. Josh has a lot to do, just like me and our whole football team. We’re just going to try to improve every week. This is really who we are here.

SEEING THE TIGHT END LEE SMITH FALCONS BACK IN BUFFALO: “He left his mark in this organization (during) two different stages with the Bills. He’s a very popular guy in our building here. We really appreciate the leadership he gave us when I was here. It’s always nice to see the players keep going and doing great things. From the movie I watched, he gets quite a bit of playing time. I know he’s closer to home there as well, which is always good.

The Chronicles of the Bow Tie

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