‘It’s a ridiculous way to end a football game’: Tony Romo stunned after Cowboys’ controversial loss to 49ers

The Cowboys’ Superbowl hopes ended last night. And Tony Romo was stunned by the events leading up to it.

The Cowboys fell to a 23-7 hole but came back rallying to advance to a one-score game.

With just 13 seconds left in the fourth quarter and less than six points at the 40-yard line, Prescott ran the ball for a first down and more. But with barely a few seconds on the clock, in his panic he gave the ball to his center and not to the referee. The official was forced to run for the ball and hit Prescott because he had to place it correctly.

And time ran out before he could time the ball.

Tony Romo spoke about where the Cowboys lost the game.

After the contest, Romo made his thoughts on the loss to the Cowboys crystal clear. “It’s a ridiculous way to end a football match”

“The referee must touch the ball.” Romo said in the next breath. “You can’t spot your own ball. You can’t give it to the center there. You need to find the official and give it to him.

Romo added that Prescott may have gone too far in his run. He ran for 17 yards with 14 seconds left. But the former QB feels Dak may have gone too far.

“They had time,” Romo said. “Dak is supposed to go, but you’re not supposed to go past 10-12 yards. Once you enter the 13-14 meter range, the clock moves away from you. “The 49ers won [the win]”, Romo said. “But the Cowboys hurt themselves so badly.”

That was one of the keys,” Romo said as the penalties started to mount for the Cowboys, especially of the pre-snap variety. “They [pre-snap penalties] don’t seem like big things, but they catch you when they catch you. They haven’t been good at it and need to change some things about it.

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