Ladd-Peebles Shot: Four Shots Fired During High School American Football Game in Alabama | World | New

A WKRG5 reporter currently on the ground said around 20 police cars had arrived at the stadium to secure the perimeter.

Miska Barnes, a spectator at the stadium, told WKRG: “The experience itself has been horrible. Let us pray for their families.”

Horrific footage from the scene posted to Twitter by Jeff Martin (@Jeff_XOS) shows the audience panicking and leaving the stands.

Some players immediately lay down on the grass for protection when the stadium speaker was overheard saying ‘cover up and protect yourself’.

People can be heard screaming in confusion and panic.

Ms Barnes told WKRG: “It’s a shame you can’t go to a high school football game without that kind of nonsense!”

“This shouldn’t be happening anywhere! “

The match was stopped shortly before 10 p.m. local time with just 5.49 minutes remaining before the shots were heard.

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“We know we have four people who have been shot,” he said, “one is critical. Two of the four are minors and they have now been taken to a local hospital.”

“This type of gun violence will not be tolerated, and as the new leader we will be very serious about it,” Mr. Prine said.

“If you’re involved in any way, you have to surrender. “

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