LAPS Superintendent Addresses Racist Behavior Heard by LAMS Players During Football Game Against Santa Fe Indian School

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Los Alamos Public Schools Superintendent Jose Delfin addressed the Oct. 27 school board meeting regarding an Oct. 5 incident following a football game between Los Alamos Middle School (LAMS) and the Santa Fe Indian School (SFIS).

The LAMS players were heard chanting “Go back downstairs” in the locker room and were forced to forfeit that game as well as the next season final game because of the incident.

“The coach handled the situation well and stopped it,” Delfin said, adding that head coach Pat Brousseau also informed LAMS manager Jill Gonzales of the incident.

Delfin shared some of his experience with racist behavior in previous positions he held.

“As a person of color myself, I have experienced first hand the pain of disrespect and exclusion,” he said. “Los Alamos Public Schools and I sincerely strive to provide a better and more equitable future for the generations we educate. With this in mind, the district will continue to research and implement a range of tools to ensure our educational environment is one of respect and inclusion.

The coach heard the chants as he walked from the football field to the locker room, Delfin said. They stopped when he entered the locker room. It is not known how many players took part in the chanting.

“The words used were hurtful and do not reflect the core values ​​of our district,” Delfin told the Daily Post. “After learning of these events, the district quickly organized additional NMAA player conduct training, restorative legal actions, lost our final game of the season, launched an investigation to identify the students responsible, and now hopes to s associated with the Pueblo de San Ildefonso. about cultural sensitivity measures and opportunities for our students.

“The district will work with tribal leaders as well as our Native American Parent Advisory Council to determine what actions are needed to repair the damage caused after the incident,” school board president Melanie Colgan told the Daily Post. “Both Governor Moquino of Pueblo de San Ildefonso and Governor Roybal of Pueblo de Pojoaque contacted LAPS to offer advice and education on issues related to history, cultural sensitivity, and cross-cultural communication. We are very grateful and grateful for this opportunity to collaborate.

Some parents were upset there wasn’t an official statement from the district until Oct. 21, when Delfin released a statement.

At the school board meeting, a parent of color said his daughter had been the victim of racist incidents in the school district.

“Do you have the necessary skills to handle this incident? ” she asked. “What happened is traumatic. Reacting to this event is not enough. You need professional help for this.

Delfin assured him that the district was doing more to address the issue of racism in Los Alamos public schools.

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