Mac Jones is thrilled with his first Monday night football game in Buffalo

It’s hard to say if playing a Monday night soccer game was on Mac Jones’ list of choices as a pro.

But after checking out other notable elements such as a Sunday night against the defending Super Bowl champions Buccaneers, an overtime duel with Dak Prescott and Team USA, a Thursday night contest in Atlanta and a frigid fight. with the Titans at Gillette, the next step is the rookie quarterback’s first meeting with the Bills in Buffalo.

Jones told WEEI’s “Merloni & Fauria” in his weekly appearance that he is looking forward to the first Monday Night Football clash of his career.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” Jones said. “Everyone said there was a lot of energy. Obviously where we play is a big football city that cares a lot about football.

“They have a very good team. I think we have to go out there and have fun and enjoy the moment and I know both teams are going to play really hard. It will be a great atmosphere and all that. I’m excited for it. It’s gonna be fun.”

The 8-4 Patriots and 7-4 Bills are about to collide with AFC East’s supremacy on the line.

When asked what he knew about the Bills Mafia, the team’s fan base nickname, the Patriots quarterback seemed to have a pretty good idea what to expect.

“I know they are a great fan base,” Jones said. “They have a lot of passion and they bring a lot of energy to the games. Even before the games I saw a lot of crazy videos and other stuff.

He’ll see a lot more on Monday night.

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