Mahomes Praised for Sponsoring All-Star Football Game

Patrick Mahomes has been praised by NFL analyst Steve Wyche for sponsoring an all-star football game featuring top players as well as coaches from historically black colleges and universities.

The Chiefs quarterback was a sponsor of the HCBU Legacy Bowl which aired on NFL Network. Wyche took to Twitter to congratulate Mahomes for sponsoring the All-Star Game.

“Man, I can’t tell you how special and awesome it is @PatrickMahomes East. After spending time with him today, I can tell you this guy is a real one.”

No worries about Mahomes sponsoring the All-Star Game

Chiefs quarterback praised for sponsoring All-Star Game
Chiefs quarterback praised for sponsoring All-Star Game

The 26-year-old quarterback made an appearance on the All-Star Game telecast and was asked about sponsoring the game.

He said it was a no-brainer and he wanted to shine a light on these players because he thinks they could potentially play in the NFL.

“Yeah, that was a no-brainer for me. Whenever I’ve had the opportunity through my foundation to help sponsor this game, I mean I know a lot of players who have been to HBCU and who didn’t have the opportunities that I had coming out of college so I wanted to make sure that we shine a light on those guys because they’re a bunch of those guys that can play in the league .

HBCU stands for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. They were created before the Civil Rights Act of 1994.

These are organizations that give higher education to people in the United States. The main and main intention of them is to serve the African American community.

What the Chiefs quarterback has done is nothing short of amazing. Giving players and coaches a national stage to showcase their skills and abilities in hopes of one day reaching the NFL.

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The current situation involving Brian Flores and his lawsuit against the NFL and four teams for alleged racial discrimination in the head coach interview process has brought much to light. It’s a good story for the Chiefs quarterback to do what he does.

Allowing players and coaches at these colleges and universities to gain exposure that they might not necessarily have gotten otherwise.

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