Moment when an American football player pours MAYONNAISE in his cup of coffee and everyone says the same thing

An American football star has revealed the bizarre way he drinks his coffee – and fans are all saying the same thing.

Kentucky Wildcats quarterback Will Levis turned his stomach upside down when he admitted to adding mayonnaise to his hot drink.

Unknown, clear with photo desk

American footballer Will Levis has revealed he adds mayonnaise to his coffee

Fans were shocked

Unknown, clear with photo desk

Fans were shocked

In a shocking video, he came forward using the odd fact.

He said, “University of Kentucky quarterback Will Levis and I have been known to sometimes put mayonnaise in my coffee.”

He is then seen squeezing a large amount of egg-based condiment into a coffee cup to the audible moans of the witnesses.

Will gives it a good whipping before smiling, giving a “cheers” sign and sipping it back.


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The sports star has been hit with a huge backlash on social media after revealing his crazy habit.

A former fan wrote: “The most ungodly concoction I have EVER seen. I want to scream ffs.

Another added: “This is a crime against humanity and the coffee gods.

“I think we’re going to need an intervention for this young man.”

A third said: “No bro, it’s just sick. I hope Kentucky loses every game this season.

But not all of his fans were swayed – with one saying, “If that’s what it takes to drop 4 touchdowns on Louisville, I want him to do it.”

Last year, Will opened up about how he started putting mayonnaise in his drinks while speaking to Kentucky Sports Radio.

He said: “It’s not something I had planned, it’s just a whim.


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“I was out at breakfast at Josie’s with my girlfriend and I think I looked and wondered why there was mayonnaise on the table, kind of forgetting that I sometimes put mayonnaise on my sandwiches with eggs.

“She said ‘maybe some people put it in their coffee’, jokingly, and I was like ‘maybe I should do that.'”

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