Monday Night Football Week 2 Preview

The Tennessee Titans visit the Buffalo Bills at 7:15 p.m. ET on Monday, September 19. The first of two Monday night primetime games to kick off the NFL Week 2 ratings shows the Bills as broadcast favorites and on the silver line. The total points in the Bills Titans odds are set at .

In this article, we break down everything you need to know before placing a bet on the game, including team matches, key metrics and the best odds available. Click on any Bills – Titans odds in this article to bet now.


When using the odds table above, click on the drop down menu and select the type of bet you wish to make.

Point spread betting is betting on how many points a team will win or lose. A plus sign in front of the spread is the underdog, and a minus sign is the favorite. The Bills would need at least a ten-point win if you bet on Buffalo to cover the point spread (-9.5). A bet on the Titans would win if Tennessee won the game or lost by nine points or less. When there is no fixed number like this (-9.5), no thrust comes into play.

Moneyline betting is simply betting on which team will win a game.

The total is the combined number of points the two teams will score. Bettors can choose to bet more or less on the total number of points that will be scored in the game.


In the props tool search bar, type a team or player and press enter. You will see the different betting proposals offered by the main online sportsbooks. This is a valuable tool that allows bettors to compare odds and statistics when considering a prop bet.


On Thursday, the spread for this game on Fanduel Sportsbook is Bills -9.5. Most sportsbooks have this spread at Bills . Additional updates are available below.


The weather is not expected to have much of an impact on this game as the temperature is expected to settle at 70 degrees by kick off. There is a small chance of light rain, although models show it could be clear by kick-off Monday evening. Even then, you should be wary of letting potential weather affect your handicap – unless it’s like the 49ers at Bears torrential downpour we witnessed in Week 1.


Player Position Wound Game Fri Sat Game status
Tommy Doyle TO Foot PF PF PF Unspecified
Danish Jackson CC Knee DNP DNP PF Questionable
quintin morris AND Tendon PF PF PF Unspecified
Ed Olivier DT Ankle DNP DNP DNP Out
Tim Settle DT Calf DNP DNP LP Doubtful
Gabe Davis WR Ankle LP Questionable
Stefan Diggs WR Veterinary rest LP Unspecified
Christian Fulton CC Tendon DNP DNP DNP Out
Dontrell Hilliard RB Tendon DNP DNP DNP Out
Kyle Phillips WR Shoulder DNP LP LP Questionable
Ola Adeniyi OLB Neck LP LP LP (-)
Ben Jones VS Not injury related LP PF PF (-)
Jamarco Jones TO Elbow LP DNP DNP Out
Taylor Lewan TO Knee LP PF PF (-)
Dillon Radunz TO Neck LP LP LP (-)
lonnie johnson CC Elder PF PF PF (-)
Nate Davis g Knee (-) DNP PF (-)


Invoices O Statistics (ranking) Titans D
31 (#4) Points/GM 21 (#16)
0.534 (#2) Points/Play 0.362 (#19)
413 (#6) Yards/Gm 394 (#24)
292 (#8) Pass Yards/Gm 156 (#4)
121 (#13) Rush Yards / Gm 238 (#32)
7.1 (#1) Yards/game 6.8 (#30)
9.6 (#1) Yards/Pass 7.4 (#23)
4.8 (#13) Yards/Rush 7.4 (#31)
90 (#1) 3rd % decrease 20 (#2)
100 (#1) Red zone TD % 66.67 (#18)
4 (#31) Turnover 2 (#6)
2 (#15) Bags 5 (#1)


Titans O Statistics (ranking) D-bills
20 (#17) Points/GM 10 (#5)
0.333 (#20) Points/Play 0.152 (#6)
359 (#16) Yards/Gm 243 (#2)
266 (#10) Pass Yards/Gm 191 (#7)
93 (#15) Rush Yards / Gm 52 (#1)
6.0 (#9) Yards/game 3.7 (#2)
8.1 (#3) Yards/Pass 4.7 (#4)
3.6 (#22) Yards/Rush 2.9 (#6)
27.27 (#26) 3rd % decrease 46.15 (#23)
66.67 (#11) Red zone TD % 50.00 (#12)
1 (#9) Turnover 3 (#3)
1 (#8) Bags 7 (#2)


Why Invoices Can Cover the Gap

Last year’s Bills finished in the top five in pass attempts (655) and the plays came under OC Brian Daboll. Continuity with new OC Ken Dorsey didn’t prove to be an issue in Week 1, as Buffalo scored 31 points against the defending Super Bowl champions. Stefon Diggs looks positioned for extreme volume again in Week 2, having produced the 8/122/1 receiving line in Week 1. Diggs’ role is so secure after Cole’s off-season departures Beasley and Emmanuel Sanders. Including the playoffs, Diggs has averaged 9.8 targets per game since joining the Bills. Gabriel Davis registers as the Bills every No. 2 receiver in a pass-first. Davis has played 65% or more of Buffalo’s offensive snaps in 14 career games, including the playoffs, with a combined receiving line of 50/816/11.

The Titans’ secondary is extremely exposed, coming off a 2021 season where they finished in the top 10 in most passing yards and receiving yards allowed. The Bills were the only team besides the Chiefs to win their opener by more than three scores, and it looks like Vegas expects them to win by multiple scores for the second week in a row.

Why Titans Can Cover The Spread

Buffalo misses top CB Tre’Davious White (ACL, reserve/PUP) and can only get limited doses of SS Jordan Poyer (elbow). Regardless of personnel, Sean McDermott’s zone system tends to stifle opposing pass production, which shouldn’t affect how Tennessee wants to play as a first team.

While the Titans struggled to stop the run against the Giants last week, there should be no cause for concern as the Bills don’t have lethal running backs and don’t have the intention to obtain too rapid a production. The way these 2 teams play allowed the Titans to play in their strength to ride Derrick Henry. In last year’s meeting with the Bills, the Titans won 34-31. Henry ran all over Buffalo totaling 143 rushing yards.

Reasons to bet more

In addition to ranking in the top 10 in yards per play, top five in total yards and top three in scoring in 2021, the Bills have averaged the third-most adjusted overtime plays per game. Buffalo kicked off the first down with a league-leading 63% clip. The Bills were also top of the league in pace and success rate in 2020, and there’s little reason to expect them to change their approach now, although they should control the script. of the game in almost every game they play as a heavy favorite. Buffalo fielded the eighth-fastest offense, with the seventh-highest completion rate, while leading by at least two touchdowns last year. The draft of RB pass catcher James Cook is further proof that the Bills have no intention of dropping the game. If the Titans fall behind in this game, they will be forced to drop out of the run and throw more. The Titans’ games as double-digit underdogs since 2010 have gone over the score in five of eight games.

Reasons to bet the bottom

The clear plan for Titans HC Mike Vrabel heading into this game will be to control the clock and feed RB Derrick Henry. If the Titans see success on the field, they’ll burn a lot of clock, limiting the Bills’ potential to run a lot of plays. Bills’ games as double-digit favorites under coach Sean McDermott since 2017 have gone under in six of those nine contests.


Buffalo appears to be playing with a little chip on its shoulder, indicating they won’t let go of the throttle in any game they play in 2022. The Titans are at least two scores behind Buffalo. That’s a big number to swallow, but playing at home convinced me the Bills would cover that 9.5.

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