Morisson is yet to justify his position in the Ghana national football team

Simba’s Ghanaian winger Bernard Morrison has recently claimed he deserves to be called up to his country’s national team, known as the ‘Black Stars’, forgetting that there are stages that the artist must climb to obtain this summons.

Football fanatics should face it, Brazilian footballer Neymar was rich before he left for Europe.

In 2012, while playing for his country’s Premier League club Santos, he bought a luxury yacht worth $10 million. That’s a lot of money.

This means that he had already become rich playing in the Brazilian Premier League.

However, two issues are said to have led to his move to Europe in 2013, signing for Barcelona in a transfer that was only a matter of time as Neymar was due to play in Europe.

There were two reasons. The Brazilians forced him to play in Europe. The first reason is that it doesn’t matter what kind of talent he would have shown in Brazil, but he would never have been considered a World Player of the Year if he had continued to play in Brazil in Seria A.

It doesn’t matter if he won the Copa America, it doesn’t matter if he won the Copa Libertadores, it doesn’t matter if he won the World Cup with Brazil.

A footballer must play in Europe to win the World Player of the Year award.

It is difficult for a footballer to win the World Player of the Year award if he is not playing for one of the major clubs in European leagues.

It is also difficult if such a footballer plays in South America, Africa, Asia or Australia.

The performer has to show his talent in Europe in a tough league against strong teams.

Another reason the Brazilians told Neymar to play for Europe was the fact that they wanted him to mature in European football before representing Brazil in the upcoming 2014 World Cup final. took place in this country.

That’s why Neymar left a year before the World Cup. They wanted him to move to Europe and play regularly before becoming their most important player in the tournament which would be held in his home country.

I remembered Neymar after reading news recently about Morrison crying over being kicked out of the Ghana national team while playing football in East Africa. I laughed a little.

There is a writer from Ghana who comes to Tanzania to watch some Simba matches.

Looks like he has a special campaign with his friend Morrison about the winger being called up to the Ghana national team.

There is a lot of truth that Morrison forgets. He crushed Andre Ayew and his younger brother Jordan Ayew as if they were no match for him in football. and

The winger believes he deserves the call-up playing for Simba in Premier League games against Coastal Union.

Football has its limits. There are over 100 Ghanaian footballers who naturally don’t reach Morrison’s talent, but they play football in countries with better leagues than Tanzania.

How do Ghana national football team gaffers pick Morrison as the footballer plays in Tanzania?

It can be ridiculous if the performer is playing a role that has no competition but not Morrison’s role.

In West Africa, most goalkeepers who play in Africa or in their own country are lucky enough to be called up to their country’s teams.

Some African goalkeepers evolve outside the African continent.

Morisson laughed at himself. I have gone through the list of Ghanaians who play for the national team other than Abeid Pele’s children and listed the people who play in the German, Belgian, French, English and European leagues. Why did he want to be called? Where does this necessarily come from?

A player may have natural talent, but if he plays in a European premier league, he deserves a chance.

He participates in many competitions every weekend. This is a common truth for coaches coaching national teams.

Morrison should blame no one but himself. His talent is obvious and he doesn’t deserve to be here.

The winger deserved to be in Europe many years ago but has become more of a comedian than a footballer.

It is no coincidence that he is here. It’s not just him. Many foreign players in our league are not there by chance.

Some are here because they are too old unless they can only play here, there are those who frequent entertainment venues who we know cannot play in competitive leagues.

Some behave badly in public. It is no coincidence that we have many talented foreign footballers who can play in Tanzania through our football system. They couldn’t play anywhere else.

Morrison knows exactly what to do to get called up to the Ghana national team. He knows he is deceiving Tanzanians by telling them he is oppressed, but he knows the truth.

Playing for Simba or Yanga in CAF club tournament matches is not enough for footballers to be called up for the national teams of Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mali or Senegal.

This is why the Ivorian defender of Simba, Serge Pascal Wawa, has long practiced his profession in Tanzania, and he does not complain about not being selected for the national team of his country.

There is a time when Morrison would have to work hard to justify being called up to the Ghana national team.

It should be noted that he did not justify his position in Simba to be called up to the Ghana national team.

When a football fan mentions three key players for Simba, Morrison’s name will be missed. How can he want to play for Ghana?

He brings deception because he knows local football fans tend to be told what they want to hear.

In Zambia, there were times when their players came to Tanzania and they weren’t selected for the national team.

When Zambian striker Davis Mwape arrived in Yanga, he was no longer called up to the Zambian national team.

I don’t know why the technical bench of the Zambian national team changed their position on the midfielders of Simba Clatous Chama and Rally Bwalya.

The Zambian national team gaffers probably opted for the move as Simba is making his presence felt in African club competitions.

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