Ohio State’s Gee Scott Jr. talks to local HS football team about the importance of ‘perseverance’

ohio state tight end Gee Scott Jr. recently visited Marion Harding High School and spoke with her football team. As Scott posted at the start of the video he posted on YouTube, one of his goals is to be a motivational speaker.

“If you didn’t already know, ever since I was little I wanted to speak for a living and impact the world by doing it, especially the next generation,” Scott wrote. “This video means more than YouTube content; it’s the start of a dream come true. Thank you all for the support and I hope you enjoy it.

Scott introduced himself to the team and then asked if the group was okay if he stayed real with them. They nodded in approval. Scott then said that he wanted to speak with the young men about a very important word, which could determine whether they will succeed in their future projects. Word? Perseverance. He even read them the definition of the word aloud.

“Persistence in doing something despite difficulties or delay in achievement,” Scott said.

Scott then explained why the word is so vital.

“Everyone here has a plan and everyone wants to succeed,” he said. “Whether it’s on the football field, whether you want to be a doctor, whatever you want to do in this world, everyone has a plan. And like Mike Tyson said, everyone has a plan until what? Until you get punched in the mouth, right? And that’s kind of what happens. like, oh, you get a reality check and it’s like I’m really who I thought I was?

“Then let me take you back. How many old people do we have here? (Several players raise their hands.) Cool. I’ll take you back to my senior year. I was ranked ninth overall receiver in America. I had offers from all over the country and could have gone to any college I wanted to go. Choose the state of Ohio. Aspired to get in right away and be a freshman All-American. From the start, that’s what I wanted to do, I wanted to be a freshman All-American. Right from the start, boom, Covid is coming. Covid is coming, sent us home, didn’t meet my goal of being a freshman All-American. Didn’t go as planned. Some would say, in quotes, failed.

“Come back my sophomore year, I moved to tight end. Not something I planned for myself; something that happened. Like I said at the beginning, everyone has a plan, but things get you off track and you keep changing. Boom, now I’m a tight end. Wow, things are changing. I’m sitting here staring at myself in the mirror like, fuck, I came here as the highest-rated wide receiver and I’m a tight end now. OK cool. And after?

“Nine months ago, unfortunately, my mother passed away. OK, tough times. It’s hard. It still makes me emotional to this day. But nine months later, I can stand before you and say with confidence that at this point in my life, I am the most confident and motivated I have ever been. Why can I say this? (Shows a player with a raised hand; player says “perseverance.”) That’s right, perseverance. »

That was just part of what Scott told Marion Harding’s team. We encourage you to watch the full 13 minute video here.

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