Peyton and Eli Manning visit Notre Dame football team, give advice on how to be a good teammate, leader

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Peyton Manning and Eli Manning know what it takes to win in college and in the NFL. Both Super Bowl champions traveled to Notre Dame to share their wisdom with the school’s football team.

Notre Dame head coach Marcus Freeman invited the brothers to South Bend, and the Mannings made the trip.

While talking to student-athletes, Peyton and Eli touched on a variety of topics, including what it takes to be a good teammate.

Peyton emphasized hard work and dedication, saying:

“The best teams I’ve played in, our best players have trained the hardest. Every day. They lead by example every day… Talented players who are selfless and lead by example building, that’s what it will take to be a Notre Dame football player. I think that’s essential.

He said the players who work hard and train the hardest set an example for the team and that trickles down to everyone in the program.

Eli explained that winning isn’t just about doing it for you, it’s about the team as a whole.

“It’s not just about you. You have players who are selfless, they want to do it for others because they’ve seen how hard they work, the commitment, the motivation, everything ‘they did to try to win a championship,’ said the two-time champion.

“That feeling is contagious. When the whole team has it. They have other people they want to win for – that’s where you get big things,” he said.

Eli said Michael Strahan was one of the motivations for winning a Super Bowl. Eli then joked that other players were using him as motivation for a championship, saying they wanted to win a second Super Bowl for No. 10 so he would have one more ring than his brother.

Neither Eli nor Peyton have been to Notre Dame, but seemed happy to share their life and football tips with the Fighting Irish.

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