Positive and negative takeaways from winning week 4

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Positive points to remember

3. Washington playmakers on the verge

Washington’s offensive playmakers were as powerful as they could get on Sunday afternoon. From DeAndre Carter’s return kick-off touchdown to Terry McLaurin catching Taylor Heinicke’s punt, to JD McKissic wanting his way into the end zone in the last minute of the game, Washington has playmakers. full on his list.

One playmaker, in particular, is Terry McLaurin, a bona fide superstar in the position no one can rule out further. The top 10 offshore finished with six catches for 123 yards and two touchdowns. His versatility was in the spotlight as he caught assists across all three levels of the passing game, as well as saving his QB’s bacon on one occasion after what should have been a failure ended as a second touchdown. of McLaurin of the evening. What can be said that hasn’t already regarding the former third-round pick?

He’s become one of the best talent in the game, someone who is expected to be a member of this organization for the next eight seasons. It has arrived, folks. Terry McLaurin is all that and then some, now Washington has to find the long term pitcher who can take advantage of its dynamic capacity.

2. The defensive line progresses

The defensive line played well today. Although they only finished with one sack today, the unit exerted constant pressure and limited the Atlanta backing committee to 20 carries for just 45 yards.

Guys like Montez Sweat, Tim Settle, Chase Young each had one tackle to lose in the game while probably finishing with a handful of combined precipitation. This is a solid improvement for a unit that receives unnecessary hatred, in my opinion. We’ll get to the real “enemies” of defense later in this article, but Washington’s forward four / five won their clash on Sunday afternoon.

1. The magic of Taylor Heinicke

Taylor Heinicke, one way or another, did it again. He played a decent football game on Sunday afternoon He had his up and down moments. A few soft balls that should have ended in incomplete or interceptions, both of which were saved by McLaurin, he missed a few easy pitches like the third and two where he missed Ricky Seals-Jones in the flats, but he did pretty well done win. His final training of the game was huge, level QB1. He swept the field, hiked his progressions and came back to the other side of the field to find JD McKissic.

It was an absolutely exceptional game from the signalman from Washington, who did all he could and made 50% of that game a reality. You can’t ask for anything else, he kept the football clean, limited his mistakes, and ultimately it ended in a huge win for a football team in desperate need of it.

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