Real Madrid is the most searched Indian football team on Google

  • Real Madrid is the most popular foreign football team in 75 countries around the world according to Google data, the most important of all teams
  • Liverpool FC are second, taking first place in 34 countries, followed by Manchester United who are the favorites in 27 countries
  • Manchester City lead on 20 and Arsenal lead on 13, making them fourth and fifth in the table
  • Real Madrid is the most searched team on Google in Asia, being the most searched club in 19 Asian countries

A new global study from Uswitch has revealed the most popular foreign football team in each country, with Real Madrid CF being the preferred club in 75 countries, more than any other football team in the world.

The study, conducted by television and broadband experts Uswitch, analyzed Google search data to reveal the football team around the world that fans search for the most in (almost) every country in the planet.

The researchers removed local teams from each country from the results, to show which clubs from other shores are the most popular in that country.

The most popular foreign football teams in the world

England, Croatia, United Arab Emirates and Israel are among the 75 countries that Google Real Madrid FC more than any other team, making the Spanish team the most popular foreign football team in the world.

Liverpool FC are the second most popular team in the world as they top searches in 34 countries. Affectionately known as ‘The Reds’ to fans, Liverpool Football Club is known around the world as England’s most successful team. New Zealand, Wales, Ireland and Ukraine are all among the 34 countries seeking them more than any other club.

The third most popular foreign team in the world is Manchester United thanks to dedicated fans in 27 countries who seek out the team more than any other; the countries that love Manchester United the most are Japan, Greece, Cambodia, Norway and Australia.

Manchester City FC are fourth on the global list as they turn out to be the number one club for 20 countries in total, including the Netherlands and Portugal. Arsenal FC completes the top five most popular clubs, being the most searched team on Google in 13 countries; including Scotland, Uganda and Kuwait.

The top five list includes four England-based football teams, and Chelsea FC are the only other to make the top 10, emerging as favorites in Saint Lucia and Kenya.

The world’s favorite foreign football teams

Rank Football team Total number of countries where the team is the most searched foreign football team on Google
1 real Madrid 75
2 liverpool 34
3 Manchester United 27
4 Manchester City 20
5 FC Arsenal 13
6 FCBarcelona 8
seven Juventus 3
= 8 Chelsea F.C. 2
= 8 FCPorto 2
= 9 Bayern Munich 1
= 9 Rangers F.C. 1
= 9 AC Milan 1
= 9 SL Benfica 1

Results continent by continent

In Asia, the most popular foreign football team is also Real Madrid, with a total of 19 countries searching for the team on Google more than any other in the world. Countries include Nepal, Sri Lanka, India and Oman. Liverpool are second, being the most popular team of choice in Mongolia, Bhutan, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Qatar and Bangladesh. Manchester United are the third most popular foreign club on the list, being favorites in Japan, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Malaysia.

  • India – Real Madrid
  • Bangladesh–Liverpool FC
  • Bhutan – Liverpool FC
  • Pakistan-Real Madrid
  • Nepal – Real Madrid
  • Sri Lanka-Real Madrid

In Oceania, Liverpool FC beat Real Madrid to first place, becoming favorites in Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Tonga, Kiribati and New Zealand. The only other team to make the list of the most popular football teams in Oceania is Manchester United, which is the most searched in Samoa, Solomon Islands, Fiji and Australia.

In Europe, 15 European countries seek Real Madrid CF the most, including France, England, Croatia and Austria, followed by Manchester City FC which is most loved in 12 countries on the continent. Close behind is Manchester United as the third most popular football team in Europe due to being the most popular club in nine countries.

In Africa: Real Madrid CF once again topped the list of most wanted teams in 23 African countries; including Madagascar, Senegal, Morocco and Mozambique. Liverpool is second on the list (top of the list in 11 countries), with the Seychelles, Namibia, Malawi and Zimbabwe being among the places that seek the most ‘red devils’. Arsenal are third and are closely followed by Manchester United.

In North America, nine countries seek Real Madrid CF the most, making it the most popular club on the continent, followed by Manchester United (the favorite team of the United States and Canada) and Liverpool Fc in second position. FC Barcelona and Manchester City are tied for third place for two countries each.

In South America, Uruguay, Suriname, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Peru and Brazil are the countries paying the most attention to Real Madrid, once again, making it the most popular football team from another continent. Manchester City is the second most popular team and Liverpool FC, which is the best team in Guyana, is in third place.

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