Rivals’ Argentina soccer game delayed after thugs threw grenades into the pitch

The extremely intimidating atmospheres and raucous fanbases of Argentina’s Primera Division are notorious throughout the footballing world.

However, even by South American standards, things got wildly out of control at the home of iconic Argentine giants Newell’s Old Boys. Marcelo Bielsa’s former side faced Rosario Central in the Clasico Rosarino derby, which is well known for its ferocity and unpredictability.

While Argentinian supporters always ensure that the opposition enters in a very hostile and intimidating atmosphere, Rosario supporters chose to greet their familiar foes with a more explosive welcome. Some live grenades were thrown into the field in preparation for kickoff.

Live grenades were thrown onto the pitch during construction, causing such severe damage that they ripped huge holes in the Estadio Gigante de Arroyito pitch. In addition, the referee had to ask the stadium security manager for assurances that it was safe to play the match,

However, the playability and the condition of the pitch seemed to be as serious as the prospect of playing in front of a crowd of grenade throwers. Almost ridiculously, the game was allowed to go ahead, albeit with a delayed kick-off.

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Clasico Rosarino derby had to be delayed

The only Premier League situation remotely comparable to Rosario’s madness came at the end of the 2015-16 campaign. United’s final game of the season against Bournemouth has been called off, after a ‘suspicious’ package was discovered at Old Trafford.

Curiously, the “suspicious” package turned out to be a fake improvised explosive device that was left in the toilet the day after a training exercise at Old Trafford. Sniffer dog teams and the bomb squad were called in to assess the situation and ensure the package was not of a more serious nature.

United's 2016 clash with Bournemouth was postponed after a suspected bomb was discovered at Old Trafford
United’s 2016 clash with Bournemouth was postponed after a suspected bomb was discovered at Old Trafford

“Following [the] controlled explosion, we have since discovered that the object was a training device that was accidentally left behind by a private company following a training exercise involving explosive search dogs,” a statement said. of Greater Manchester Police after the incident.

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