Ryan Fitzpatrick: praise for Washington football rookies Dyami Brown and Dax Milne

Rookie wide receivers Dyami Brown and Dax Milne impressed the Washington football team enough to make the final list of 53 players.

Specifically, their veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick so far is very happy with what each man brings to the team.

“Both of them are very smart,” Fitzpatrick told media when asked about his new pass catchers. “Receiver, believe it or not, it’s a very difficult position to play when you’re young …”

While he’s never played wide receiver himself, he’s had his fair share of young targets to work with over the years.

During his rookie season, Fitzpatrick saw his other 2005 draft pick, Dante Ridgeway, released by the team during training camp despite leading college football in receptions and receiving yards. per game in 2004 for Ball State.

The following year, the Rams drafted Marques Hagans in the fifth round of the 2006 NFL Draft. Hagans eventually entered the regular season field for the Rams, but it wasn’t until 2007 that Fitzpatrick was with the Cincinnati Bengals.

With the Bengals, Fitzpatrick saw three rookie receivers signed to the team in 2008 when they drafted Jerome Simpson of Coastal Carolina, Andre Caldwell of Florida and Mario Urrutia of Louisville.

In his first four years as an NFL quarterback, Fitzpatrick hosted – or accompanied in Ridgeway’s case – five league draft receivers. Only two ended up carving out remarkable careers as Simpson and Caldwell both played for seven or more years.

They weren’t all low-end draft picks either. Simpson was a second-round pick and Caldwell was picked in the third. According to Fitzpatrick, there are only technical parts of the game, which don’t exist in college football, and some guys have a hard time adjusting to them.

“There are just a lot of nuances that when you got into the NFL weren’t really there in college,” the QB said. “So those two were very sharp.”

It wouldn’t be hard to highlight the most successful young wide receiver Fitzpatrick has played with. He was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2017 when the team selected Penn State wide receiver Chris Godwin in the third round.

Godwin caught 34 passes as a rookie playing behind Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson, but those receptions totaled 525 yards and a decisive touchdown against the New Orleans Saints to end this season.

Of course, Fitzpatrick only started three games and played five that season as Jameis Winston was cut off as the team’s starting quarterback.

Godwin’s first start in the NFL was Fitzpatrick’s first start as a member of the Buccaneers in 2017, in mid-November. Tampa Bay recorded two wins to six losses earlier in the week. The quarterback and his rookie wide receiver connected five times for 68 yards and helped the team to their third win of the year, beating the New York Jets 15-10.

It was Godwin’s first game on 50 yards and also his first with five or more catches.

In a turbulent season for the Buccaneers in 2018, Fitzpatrick would go on to start seven games in place of Winston who started the year with a four-game suspension.

Tampa Bay went 2-2 in those first four games, and the passing duo put in performances of 41, 56, 74 and 22 yards together, with three touchdown connections in those first four games.

Brown is not Godwin of course, but they do have similarities.

For starters, those are each of the third-round draft picks. Both were listed at 6-1 on their NFL draft profiles, with Brown’s arms slightly longer and his hands a little larger.

Godwin ran 0.02 seconds faster on the combine than Brown was timed on the North Carolina Pro Day. Their bench press, vertical jump, width jump, and three-cone numbers are also very similar.

What we don’t know yet is the mental processing of the two beginner WFT receivers. Fitzpatrick is however encouraged by what he has seen so far.

“Obviously,” said Fitz, “they’re talented. They’re both here in the NFL, but not a lot of mental mistakes for either. For Dyami in particular, such quiet confidence about him. And you could just say he’s a point guard. “

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Speaking of similarities. Penn State Offensive Coordinator Joe Moorehead said once Athletic’s Robert Mays that Chris Godwin has always had a “low-key confidence”.

Quiet confidence and solid production go a long way in making a wide receiver their quarterback’s preferred target. Ryan Fitzpatrick sees this happening, so far, with two children who may well have those same traits.

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